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7 Best Induction Cooktop in India – Buying Guide

Cooktops have changed the way of cooking in our app households and are increasingly gaining popularity. It’s one of the most efficient and convenient cooking mediums in today’s time. Innovation of a good induction cooktop has effectively replaced the traditional gas or electric stoves at a great pace. In India where culinary traditions are strongly rooted and the need for modern kitchen appliances is on the rise. Buying the best induction burner can be the ultimate companion for your kitchen.
An induction cooktop is an advanced kitchen appliance. It uses electronic magnetic technology to heat up the cookware. Electric induction cooktops don’t depend on open flames or warm coils.
This amazing technology works by generating a magnetic field that forms a current in the cookware, creating heat within the cooking vessel. Unlike the conventional stoves that heat up the whole cooking surface, best induction cooktops in India provide a precise and smart heat control that makes them efficient and safe to use.
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Why Choose an Induction Cooktop Over a Gas Stove?

Switching from traditional gas stoves to an innovative and the best induction cooker in India can definitely be a worthy decision. There are several tried and tested reasons to explain why to choose an induction stove over a gas stove which are as follows:

  • Cooking in compact kitchen spaces: The best induction cooktops come with compact structure that makes them quite easy to adjust into smaller kitchen spaces. If you are living in apartments or houses with limited space for a full sized gas stove and oven.  The small induction cooktop can be the ultimate rescue and can also easily be fitted in the kitchen islands or countertops. This will save a lot of your time as well as space cost. You can also compare the induction cooktop price on different websites before buying.
  • Effective heat controlling: One can rely on induction chulha, because they can offer features of unparalleled cooking precision. You don’t need to face the issue of hot or cold spots that are created on gas flames that lead to uneven cooking. You can easily control the temperature from a wide range of settings that allows you to simmer, sauteing, etc. This control is very beneficial while making delicate dishes that require heat management.
  • Energy efficiency and cost savings: Do you know that our traditional gas stoves lose a lot of heat energy to the surrounding environment? However, choosing the setup of the most efficient and best induction in India can save your costs due to its incorporated feature of energy efficiency. This has evidently resulted in less energy bills over the time. Now, you don’t have to spend unnecessarily large sums on your monthly energy bills by opting for such smart and cost saving cooktops.
  • Easy to maintain: Usually, cleaning a traditional stove especially its burners and grates is a very time consuming and hectic task. But cleaning an induction cooktop is a piece of cake. The surface remains relatively cool during cooking. You can easily wipe it out with a cloth or sponge to remove all the food particles and stains from it. Such an easy process to maintain it on a daily basis where all you need is a half dry cloth makes it even more favorable.

Some Of The Top Brands for Best Induction Stove in India

To help you select the best induction cooktops among a variety of brands to choose from. Here is the list of the top brands you can definitely opt for buying your cooktop.

  • Prestige: In the market, prestige is one of the most well-known brand names for electronic appliances. It offers a huge range of supreme quality of inductions cooktops in India. You can choose from a variety of product ranges available.
  • Havells: If you are looking for a brand that offers a stylish range of cooktops then, havells can be the ultimate choice. It’s one of the most reliable bands that offers innovation and advanced safety features in its products. It’s also a great choice for modern and stylish designs.
  • Bajaj: With a variety of cooktop appliances offered, Bajaj is known for its affordability and variety. It offers a range that fits the real time consumer preferences that matches their cooking techniques. The products offered by Bajaj are always appreciated for its long and durable quality.
  • Pigeon: While looking for the most affordable option and basic features in your induction cooktop then do consider pigeon. If you are looking for good quality kitchen products including cooktops that don’t harm your pocket then, pigeon can be the best. It provides user-friendly control features that promote ease of cooking.
  • Philips: Philips is well appraised in the market for its innovative and high tech cooktops that are quite user friendly. It has been observed that Philips offer a range of cooktops whose use is pretty straightforward and efficient. The modern and sleek design acts as a cherry on cake for your kitchen’s upgrade.

7 Best Induction Plate in India For Home & Kitchen Use

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800 watt Induction Cooktop

Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800 watt Induction Cooktop

The induction stove by pigeon stovekraft is a supreme quality induction stove. With 93% energy saving technology and safety standards it can be your ultimate choice in terms of cooktop. There will be no more worry of random short circuits due to its supreme and trusted quality of electricals. It’s durable quality is what makes it stand strong even in high temperature. It even comes with a smart in-built timer that ensures hand free cooking. Unbelievably innovative safety standards make sure that the surface only gets heat up when induction cookware is placed on it


  • Comes with a LED display.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Worktop material: Carbon steel
  • Soft push button
  • Manual temperature control

2. Philips Viva Collection 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Philips is Asia’s most trustworthy brand in the genre of home appliances. It’s even well known for its amazing cooktops range. It’s credibility is something that makes it an all time trusted choice among the households. The analytical research by ibrands360 and WCRCINT is the evidence for the same.

With a smart features of auto shut off makes it an innovative product that will ensure you ease of cooking. It has an electric fuel type and corded electric power source that can enhance your cooking experience with it.


  1. Corded electric power source.
  2. 2.1 kilograms item weight
  3. Push button based control type
  4. Electric fuel type

3. Prestige PIC 20 1600 Watts Induction Cooktop

This electric cooktop efficient setup curated by prestige brands matches the Indian culinary cooking methods quite well. It comes with a push button based control system and an extended cooling system. With a properly curated user manual and warranty card as it’s companion this is a worthy product. 

It has a vast variety of Indian menu options to choose from that is one of its major USP. Now, if that wasn’t enough it even comes with a feature that saves your electrical power as well.


  1. Electronic setup with a push button.
  2. 1.88 kilograms weight.
  3. 1600 wattage and 230V voltage

4. Prestige PIC 16.0 plus 2000 Watts Induction Cooktop

This induction base cookware is based on power saving technology. Its supreme quality and design keeps it protected even from insects ensuring hygiene in your kitchen area. It has soft push buttons and even a pause system that will ensure comfortable cooking. 


With an amazing aerodynamic cooling feature and automatic voltage regulator adds up to its efficiency making it a worthy choice. Comes with a one year warranty and can fit your cooking needs in the best way.



  • Corded electric power source.
  • Electronic ignition system.
  • 2800 grams weight.
  • Wall mount installation type

5. Usha Cookjoy (Cj1600Wpc) 1600 Watt Induction Cooktop

The Usha cookjoy 1600 Watt Induction cooktop with a 5 pre-set Indian menu is an amazing option to choose. If you are looking for additional innovative features such as an automated sensor technology then this piece will complement that. 

The previous ‘ warm function’ offered by this cooktop is something that makes it stand out from rest. It always keeps your food warm and ready to consume removing the need to make it warm again which helps in avoiding overcooked food as well. Also, the paise button and auto switch mode to save power are also great. 



  • By the brand USHA.
  • Wattage of 1600 watts.
  • Comes with an instruction manual.
  • With a weight of 2800 grams.

6. Bajaj ABS Majesty Slim 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

If you are looking for a cooktop that ensures fast cooking then, choosing this 2100 watts cooktop can be the right choice. With just a mere touch you can perfectly cook upto 8 Indian dishes with ease. Such a great variety to choose from improves your cooking standards even more. 

It’s feather touch controls adds up to the modern look of your kitchen. Also, the feature of pre-set timing is quite useful when you are cooking in hustle making your everyday routine quick and simple. 


  • ABS material
  • Powered by gas and corded electric power source.
  • Comes with a manual and warranty card of 1 year.
  • 5.2 kilograms of weight.

7. V-Guard VIC 1.8 EL Induction Cooktop


With dynamic power range this cooktop by V-guard ensures rapid and better cooking. The 4 pre-progammed cooking menus that includes dosa, roti, idli and curry along with necessary manual options like fry and manual makes it a perfect choice

This cooktop ensures a good amount of convenience in day to day cooking with its amazing four hour timer function along with the 24 hour pre set one. With soft touch control and stylish yet compact design doesn’t even create problem for its storage.



  • Electronic ignition type.
  • 2.75 kilogram weight.
  • Electric fuel type.
  • 1 year warranty

Important Benefits Of Buying An Best Induction Cooker in India

Now, after this crucial comparison let’s dive into the points explaining the benefits of these cooktops and why the should be a part of your modern kitchen this 2024:

  • Speeds up your cooking process: The most amazing feature of an induction cooktop is that it heats up the surface quickly and that makes the food cook faster than classic gas or electric stoves. This feature makes it the best choice for you as it will help you to save your time while cooking in the kitchen and lower energy bills.
  • Accurate temperature control: Cooking with non-accurate and extreme temperatures, be it low or high is a huge problem that makes it a time consuming process and uneven preparation. Therefore an induction cooktop, no matter small induction cooktop or medium size induction cooktop, helps you by offering precise temperature control that allows you to cook on the exact volume of flame needed.
  • Safety: These cooktops are considered to be the best choice when it comes to ensuring safety. This is because induction cooktops only heat up the cookware but not the surface that reduces the danger of clumsy accidents and burns. Also, its modern and efficient setup waves away your stress of gas leaks.
  • Energy and space efficient: One of the important elements about electric induction cooktop that makes them best for cooking is that they are energy efficient. This is because they only heat the cookware but not the near atmosphere or surrounding air, this helps to save a lot of energy while cooking. Also, it demands a minimal amount of space to place and work with it. Hence, ticking the column of space efficiency as well.
  • Easy to clean: If you want to make your cooking setup’s cleaning process easy then the induction cooktop is best for you. The reason being is that their smooth and flat surfaces are very easy to wash. Just a wipe by half wet cloth after every time you are done cooking is more than enough to keep it clean and shiny.

What to Look When Buying an Best Induction Cooktop in India

Size and Number of Burners: When buying a cooktop it is always important to ensure that the size of the cooktop should fit your kitchen space and cooking demand. You should also know that induction cooktop are available in various sizes with different number of burners.

Power and wattage: Before purchasing a cooktop you should know that the cooktop heats up faster and can also accommodate larger cookware. Always look for those cooktop that offers a wide range of power settings.

Controls: The list of best induction stove in India is endless but then also before buying it always check whether the cooktop offers easy to use as well as intuitive controls . It should contain digital displays, touch sensors along with timers that provide you the best readings.

Cookware compatibility: Check whether your current cookware is compatible with the technology of the induction. Generally most of the induction cookware are made up of magnetic elements like stainless steel and cast iron.

Reputation of the brand and warranty: Reputation of the brand plays an important role while purchasing the best induction cooktop. Generally if the company is offering a cooktop that is cheap as compared to other brands in the market then it is very possible that it can be a fraud . So note this point that while purchasing cooktop always consider reputed brands that have positive customer reviews and warranties that make sure that the product is original and reliable.

Different Types of Best Induction Burner

Induction cooktops come in various varieties, each catering to unique cooking needs and requirements. Let’s look at some of the common yet best induction cooktops that you can find:
  • Built in induction cooktops: These are specially designed to be installed into the kitchen countertop, that gives a seamless and integrated look to your kitchen. They are also available in various sizes and configurations generally with different burners. This makes it the best induction cooktop.
  • Mini induction cooktops: If you are looking for an induction that can be easily placed on the flat surface then portable induction cooktops are the perfect choice for you. This feature makes them an ideal choice for small kitchens, campaign purposes, or can also be used as an extra burner in case of emergency. The most important feature about these inductors is that they are easy to store and can be plugged into electrical output. They are also pocket friendly, which makes it the best induction cooker in India.
  • Freestanding Induction range: Freestanding induction range is not very different from other induction setups, it is a combination of induction cooktop and oven available in a single appliance. This is a complete cooking solution for your kitchen that is also available in different sizes and styles.
  • Commercial induction cooktop: If you want to purchase a cooktop for your office or professional kitchen, then this is the best induction cooktop for you. This is especially designed for heavy use and comes with high power and durability to accommodate large scale cooking.


Hence, Induction cooktops have proved to be the most valuable addition to the modern household. There are various reasons that justify why it has grabbed the attention among people such as induction cooktop prices are generally low, offers the feature of appropriate temperature control, reduces the consumption of the energy and also gives contribution towards a sustainable and convenient life.
Choosing the best induction cooktop eases the process of cooking. As the technology continues to grow, these unique innovations are likely to play an important role in kitchens across the world.

FAQ's Related to Best Induction Stove in India

Q1. What is the best brand for an induction cooktop?

Ans:There are various brands available in the market for induction cooktop. But the best brands for cooktop depends on the specific needs and preferences hence, you can simply consider factors such as size, features, price and warranty.

Q2. Which induction is better 1200 watt or 1800 watt?

Ans: 1800 watt induction cooktops are usually more powerful and will be faster than 1200 watt as it is advantageous for tasks that need more heat such as sneering, stir frying or boiling a high quantity of water.

Q3. Do you need special pans for induction cooktops?

Ans:Yes, you need to have special pans for induction cooktop as they work by creating an electromagnetic field that heats up the cookware directly than the cooktop surface itself.
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