Guide For Choosing the Right Cabinets For Your Kitchen


The style of kitchen cabinets in your home has a tangible impact on the final appearance of your space. Intricate shaker cabinets will give your kitchen a classic look, while simpler frameless cabinets are often crucial to creating a modern-looking space. Choosing suitable cabinets for your kitchen may seem daunting, but by considering a few key factors, you can pick cabinets that will work well for you.

Select Cabinets Made From a Quality Material

It’s essential to consider what material kitchen cabinets are composed of before deciding what to invest in. Both melamine and particle board cabinets are affordable and widely available, but they deliver poor performance and degrade quickly.

You should invest in plywood cabinets or solid hardwood cabinets whenever possible. Cabinets made from durable plywood or hardwoods provide long-term performance and strength and help ensure you enjoy a higher resale value if you sell your home. While cabinets made from plywood or hardwoods are more costly, they function better, look more well-made, and last far longer.

European Frameless Versus American Shaker

Frameless and Shaker-style cabinets are standard in kitchens throughout the United States, but you’ll have to decide which style you prefer. Frameless cabinets provide more storage space while giving your kitchen a minimalistic style.

Shaker cabinets have a more traditional American look with extra trim and design features that can elevate the space with a more intricate style. These two common kitchen cabinet styles are used most often, and each creates a distinct-looking space.

Ultimately, both European and Shaker cabinets work well; you’ll have to look at each style and choose your preference.

If you have a small kitchen, you can make the space seem larger by using frameless cabinets. Shaker cabinets are often used in more traditional homes, while frameless are selected for their modern appearance.

Get the Right Finish

When choosing a cabinet finish, think about how the selected color will look in your kitchen. If you’re trying to create a rustic or classic design, it’s best to go with proven stains such as oak, cherry, maple, and other safe wooden colors.

If you want a modern look, you can choose more colorful finishes. Many kitchen owners opt for a gray or white finish as a safe middle ground between classic and contemporary kitchens.

Light Versus Dark

Whether you’re trying to create a classic-looking kitchen or want something modern, you have light and dark options for either. Generally, a small kitchen with light cabinets looks best because they help open the space.

When choosing your cabinet color, consider what flooring and countertops you’ll have in your kitchen, and select a color that will coordinate well with the space. It’s usually best to choose light cabinets if you have dark flooring or counters or darker cabinets with bright flooring and counters.

You can also go with bright white cabinets and countertops, but you should use dark flooring to create contrast. Traditionally, classic kitchens are darker, and bright kitchens are more modern, and this distinction may help you decide how to color your space as well.

Paint Versus Stain

Most modern kitchens rely on paints rather than stains for their finishes. A solid paint creates a flat surface and helps give the space a minimalist look.

If you rely on cabinets that don’t feature prominent wood grain lines, you’ll want to use paint to give it a clean, finished look. However, if you’re attempting to showcase your solid wood cabinets to the most significant effect, you should rely on a stain that makes the wood grains stand out.

Multi-Colored Cabinets

Generally, kitchen cabinets are all the same color, but this is not a requirement when styling your kitchen. Many homeowners today are using a few different colors for their kitchen cabinets.

It’s common to go with darker lower cabinets and bright uppers or make all the cabinets one color except for the bolder island. Look at other kitchens to help inspire you to choose what colors you want in your kitchen.

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Work with Professionals To Get the Right Sizes

Choosing a high-quality cabinet style for your space will only help if you get suitable cabinets for your kitchen layout. This is why it’s essential to get a clear layout of your kitchen and match cabinets to that layout.

You can take measurements and attempt to go through this process or work with an experienced cabinet company to help you get the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. Either way, you must choose cabinets that fit your kitchen.


If you carefully consider what style, color, and size cabinets you want for your kitchen, you’ll have an option that fits your space well and leaves you feeling good about your selection. The key is to take your time, look at example kitchens, and only have cabinets installed when you’re sure about your decision.


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