Best Tower Air Cooler – Beat the Heat with Superior Cooling


A tower cooler is a device that uses water evaporation to cool the air. For surviving heat in dry regions, it is one of the best options. Through water saturated pads warm air is drawn in and then that arm air is expelled as a cool, fresh air. The best tower air cooler is also the easiest to use. 


When you are searching for the best tower cooler you need to consider factors like cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and extra features that meet your demands. They are environment-friendly options and consume less electricity as compared to traditional air conditioners. 

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Benefits of Using Best Tower Air Cooler in India

Tower coolers, sometimes referred to as evaporative air coolers, are a common option for cooling solutions due to their many advantages, particularly in hot and dry areas. The main benefits of using the best tower coolers are as follows:

  • Space-saving Design: Tower coolers are perfect for small to medium size homes because they take very little floor space, because of their sleek, vertical shape.
  • Easy to install and maintain: tower coolers are portable and light in weight therefore their installation procedure is simple. The maintenance procedure of the tower cooler is very simple as it only involves cleaning the water tank and filters.
  • Quiet Operation: The best tower air coolers improve comfort without making a lot of noise because it is quieter to operate compared to Air conditioners. 
  • Improved Air Quality: by using a natural evaporation process tower coolers add moisture to the air which is beneficial in dry and humid environments. They also remove dust and impurities from the air.

Top Brands for Tower Air Cooler

Here we have listed some of the best and top-notch brands in India selling the best tower coolers:

  • Voltas: voltas is known for its reliability and durability. Their tower coolers are well-known among buyers because of their effectiveness, robustness, and cutting-edge features like simple transportation, a big water tank capacity, and turbo air throw.
  • Havells: Havells air coolers have cutting-edge features and design making them a popular choice among buyers. Havells air coolers comes with multidirectional airflow and remote control operation for better cooling comfort.
  • Crompton: At Crompton, you will get cutting-edge cooling technologies with a range of tower air coolers. Crompton air coolers are well-liked among buyers for their high air delivery rate and excellent build quality because they come with strong cooling performance and durability. 
  • Symphony: streamlined looks and cutting-edge cooling technologies including i-Pure technology make symphony air coolers a well-liked option among buyers. Its i-Pure technology offers effective cooling with low energy and noise levels.

Say goodbye to sweating this summer and hello to the utmost comfort and savings. Given below are some top Brands For Tower cooler with their specifications and pros and cons.


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List Of Top And Best Tower Air Cooler in India

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler for Home

For home use, the Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler is made to deliver effective, environmentally friendly cooling. Its tiny and streamlined form makes it appropriate for a variety of living areas. 

A strong blower for improved air throw, a honeycomb cooling pad, and Symphony’s i-Pure technology—which guarantees cleaner, healthier air—are some of the key features. 

Because of its low power consumption design, the cooler is a cost-effective option for cooling requirements.


  • Water Tank Capacity: 12 liters
  • Item Weight: 7 kg
  • Generic Name: Air Cooler

Crompton Optimus Neo Tower Air Cooler- 35L

For medium-to-large-sized rooms, the Crompton Optimus Neo Tower Air Cooler-35L is engineered to provide effective and robust cooling. 

This 35-litre air cooler is perfect for continuous usage without the need for frequent refills. High-density honeycomb cooling pads, a strong air throw, and several speed settings to personalise the cooling experience are important characteristics. 


  • Brand:  Crompton
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • Special Feature: Auto Fill
  • Colour: White
  • Air Flow Capacity: 1350 CMPH

Havells Alitura-I 30L Air Cooler for home

The Havells Alitura-I 30L Air Cooler is intended to offer efficient, quiet cooling for residential settings. This air cooler may be used for extended periods of time in medium-sized rooms because it has a 30-litre water tank.

Important features include an Everlast pump made for longevity and efficiency, a high-density honeycomb cooling pad, and a potent air delivery system.

Strong performance and easy maintenance and operation are the cooler’s major features.


  • Brand: Havells
  • Mounting Type:  Freestanding
  • Special Feature: Auto Restart, Timer, Compact
  • Colour: White/Brown
  • Controls Type: Remote
  • Reservoir Capacity: 30 litres

Symphony Diet 3D 55i+ Portable Tower Air Cooler For Home

Especially for medium-sized to big rooms, the Symphony Diet 3D 55i+ Portable Tower Air Cooler is made to deliver effective and strong cooling for domestic use. This cooler’s 55-litre water tank allows for prolonged cooling without the need for frequent refilling. 

It has a strong blower for ideal air distribution, high-efficiency honeycomb pads, and 3D cooling technology. It also comes with an easy-to-use touch control panel and remote, making it convenient and simple to operate.


  • Brand:                     Symphony
  • Mounting Type:    Freestanding
  • Special Feature   Portable, Low Power Consumption, Anti-bacteria
  • ColourWhite
  • Air Flow Capacity:1500 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Controls Type: Remote
  • Reservoir Capacity: 55 litres
  • Floor Area: 172.22 Square Feet
  • Model Name: Diet 3D – 55i+

Orient Electric Ultimo Tower 26-Litre Air Cooler


Orient Electric Ultimo Tower 26-Litre Tower Cooler is made specifically to provide strong and effective cooling to small to medium-sized spaces. This air cooler is perfect for modern living because of its compact and sleek design.

It has some advanced features like strong blower, high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads, and an automated vertical louvre movement for better air dispersion. This cooler is user-friendly and energy-efficient option. 


  • Brand: Orient Electric
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • Special Feature: Auto Restart, Compact
  • Colour: White & Grey
  • Controls Type: Remote



Kenstar Glam 50 litres Honeycomb Tower Cooler

For medium-to-large-sized rooms, the Kenstar Glam 50-liter Honeycomb Tower Cooler is made to provide strong and effective cooling. 

This air cooler’s large 50-litre water tank allows for prolonged cooling without the need for regular refilling. It has a strong air supply from a powerful engine, high-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads, and easy-to-use controls. 

The cooler is a useful option for home cooling needs because it is designed to be portable and energy-efficient.


  • Brand: Kenstar
  • Mounting Type: Freestanding
  • Special Feature: Dust Filter
  • Colour: WHITE
  • Controls Type: Knob
  • Reservoir Capacity: 50 litres