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Best Portable Air Coolers – For Instant Cooling

Portable air coolers have become the need of the hour due to rising heat. These convenient appliances are just right for anything from small to medium spaces and they help you stay cool and let you take a break from the heat and humidity instantly. Being very lightweight, portable, and compact, you can take them anywhere and these portable air coolers for home come with the temperature control system.

If you are planning to buy portable air cooler you need to consider various factors which includes, brands, home factors like space, location, and many other things

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Top Brands for Portable Air Cooler

Here is the list of some of the best brands selling portable air cooler for room or office: 

  1. Bajaj:

Bajaj constitutes a collection of the best portable air coolers that were constructed specifically to supply maximum room cooling ability. These Bajaj portable air coolers come with powerful airflow, and a regular honeycomb cooling pad and can be easily controlled; that is to say they can be best used both indoors and outdoors. 

  1. Hifresh:

The reliability and cooling power of the Hifresh portable air cooler for home are highly regarded by customers due to their intelligent design. With applied cutting-edge technology and robust construction, Hifresh coolers serve a long time. Ranging from small, mobile, and personal-use coolers to larger, industrial-grade units, Hifresh has had the best portable air coolers for every scenario.

  1. Lubela:

Lubela portable air coolers for room fuse style and performance to deliver a top level cool. Sleek and stylish in their modern design and able to chill as well as work hard, Lubela coolers complement all home interiors. 

  1. Symphony:

Symphony is a widely reputed brand in the area of cooling products, and their portable or mini air coolers carry it along with them. Model selections in Symphony vary from the spread for beginners to more advanced levels. Whether it is a small, indoor portable air cooler or a larger one for a bigger area, Symphony provides the best types of cooling devices that fit your needs.

  1. Orient Electric:

The Orient Electric portable line of indoor portable air coolers is best suitable for providing a cool environment and maximum comfort. These machines are variations of Orient Electric with special enhanced performances that come with bead cooling pads, powerful envoy pads, and low wattage for use at home, offices, and outdoor areas.

Top And Best Rated Best Portable Air Coolers in India

Bajaj Frio New Personal Portable Air Cooler

Bajaj Frio New Personal Air Cooler

The Bajaj Frio is a portable air cooler with a good performance that is capable of cooling all the areas irrespective of whether they are indoors or outdoors. It is ideal for compact installation and powerful operating that requires a small amount of space and is provided on a very hot day.

Product Specifications:

  • Airflow at a rate of up to 1300 cubic metres an hour due to rotary fans with wind forecasting systems.
  • The usage of honeycomb cooling media of sequential order to ensure increased efficiency of heat removal.
  • Motorised louvres are built for even distribution of cooled air across the room.
  • The standard 23 L large water tank capacity of this product is one of its biggest selling points.
  • 3 programming modes let you go as high as you need or look for a comfortable temperature.

HIFRESH Air Cooler for Home, 107CM

HIFRESH is a portable air cooler for home that is tall and robust and can be positioned easily in any space to supply the maximum cooling effect. When it comes to the design and features, it is made to meet the standards of the specifications. So, you can sweep this brand all day long to cool down your living room during the summer.

Product Specifications:

  • The design goals include delivering the category’s highest air throw with maximum coverage.
  • Large water tank capacity of 23.7 litres
  • Roundabout Loop Deflection for unbiased cooling
  • Ultra-high penetration of 2000 cubic metres per minute. Create your threat intelligence in minutes. Generating intelligence reports with this VIP feature takes no time at all!
  • Promising to keep you happy and active with an easy-to-use remote control device.

LUBELA Portable cooler

The LUBELA indoor portable air cooler, in turn, is a modern, capable, and compact one, made to perform cool air delivery not only in the bedroom or office but also in a small apartment. The low-profile design may be small, but it can deliver a top-notch cooling experience which justifies the pick for convenience on hot summer dates.

Product Specifications:

  • Compact size to occupy the smallest area on one’s desk or tabletop.
  • Two-speed control system customised for optimal cooling effect.
  • Water storage capacity (10 Litres).
  • Able to be moved easily from room to room, thanks to their lightweight and portable design.
  • Low noise to keep up people’s sleep or work.

Symphony Ice Cube 27

The Symphony ICube is a portable air cooler fan, small-size, and very efficient air cooler that can be used for cooling a medium size to a small room. The product is featured with the industry-leading cooling technology and it is the easiest one to use. This gives you reliable, energy-efficient, and high-performance cooling.

Product Specifications:

  • Compact design, positioned in crowded spaces.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads – for better heat transfer and energy conservation.
  • Reserve water is stored in the tank that can hold 27 L.
  • The air workup is 1250 cubic metres per hour in volume.
  • Show with clear screen interface with adjustable speed options.

Orient Durachill Air-Cool Celica

Orient Electric company Durachill 40 L portable air cooler model efficiently works in big-sized rooms and living areas. The airflow delivery and the water tank size are big so the device keeps the top efficient cooling even on very hot summer days.

Product Specifications:

  • The water tank of 40 litres for a large container can be used to cover long operating peripherals.
  • The dominant point in this aeration system is the air delivery of up to 2500 cubic metres per hour.
  • Artificial honeycomb cooling pads to achieve thermodynamic efficiency.
  • Four-direction air deflection ensures uniform cooling.
  • Sturdy arrangement for long-term usage.

Bajaj PX97 Torque

The Bajaj PX97 Torque is an appliance that gives out cool air and is small, affordable, and portable enough to carry around the house in one’s bedroom, office, or for small spaces. This happens due to the fast cooling effect and user-friendly features. It not only provides cool comfort but also does not put pressure on your pocket.

Product Specifications:

  • Compact, but good enough for implementing in tight spaces.
  • Powerful drafting of 1.3 m³ per hour is produced by the air delivery compartment.
  • Consider honeycomb cooling pads to enhance the heat dissipation ability.
  • The water tank capacity is 36 litres, making it as large as it is.
  • 3-seater mode for desired comfort.

What to Look for Whеn Buying a Portable Air Cooler for Home

Here is the indoor portable air cooler buying guide which you need to follow before making any purchase decision: 

  • Room Size: Do take the size of the room or the area that you want the portable air cooler to be in and consider the one with enough cooling capacity.
  • Cooling Capacity: To see the size of the water tank and the air delivery rate (in cubic metres per hour) is a good way of finding out how much heat the cooler can cool down.
  • Portability: Consider selective by design, which can effortlessly be shifted to different places or even outdoors.
  • Power Consumption: Verify the energy efficiency of the air coolers before putting them to work to avoid huge electricity bills.
  • Features: Check for the latest in these features like a variable fan speed, oscillation, timer settings, and a remote control which would make life more convenient for you.
  • Cooling Media: Think about the ones used for imminent cooling media in the cooler cooling pads, for example, cools (e.g., honeycomb-like cooling pads).
  • User Reviews: View the customer reviews and ratings to get insight on how the portable air cooler is performing which is a good measure before buying it.


When you are hot and sweating, a good portable air cooler fan is your pass immediately to good, fresh comfort. Their small size, competent work, lack of ecological impact, and high cooling performance make portable air coolers the ideal way to cool off in any circumstance. 

Even if you’re at home, in the office, or the great outdoors, a portable air cooler ensures that you remain at a steady cool temperature, whenever and wherever you go. So why wait? Heat on today? Solve it with the best portable air cooler!


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