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Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner – How to Choose The Right One

The age-old argument between air conditioners vs air coolers has begun to resurface with the arrival of summer. Although air coolers are a cost-effective option, air conditioners offer a more cosy and comfortable cooling atmosphere. The debate between air coolers vs air conditioners has many more distinctions.

This article has been carefully selected to assist you in selecting the ideal appliance for your needs. All of your inquiries, such as “What is the difference between an air cooler and a conditioner?” will be addressed. and possibly even “Is cooler preferable to AC?” Put an end to your confusion on the ultimate question—which is better, cooler or air conditioner?—by reading the blog.

Difference Between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner

To properly comprehend what is the Difference Between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner, there are many factors to take into account. Given below are some factors:

air cooler
Point of DifferenceAir CoolerAir Conditioner
CostAir Cooler are economicalAir conditioners are expensive
PortabilityIt is portableIt is not portable
Power ConsumptionIt consumes less energyIt consumes more energy in comparison to air cooler
FunctionVia moist absorbent pads, an air cooler draws in outside air and cools it.A chemical coolant is used by air conditioners to reduce the room temperature.
ComfortCertainly not as great and quick as the air conditioner.They instantly cool the space, which makes them incredibly comfortable.
Effect on EnvironmentThey do not release any environmentally harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFOs).They release environmentally dangerous chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons (CFOs).
Health Effect       keeps the room’s moisture levels stable, which is beneficial for people who suffer from asthma and other allergy issues.They frequently don’t keep moisture levels stable, which can be harmful to the skin and eyes.
Immunity Humidity prevents them from functioning.They work well in humid conditions.
Maintenance Needs water added every day. If otherwise, maintenance expenses are minimal.Does not need to be maintained every day. On the other hand, split air conditioners maintenance is expensive.

Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner: Which is Better?

While we’re debating coolers vs. air conditioners, let’s take a closer look at the variables that could affect your needs and purchase. In order to answer your query, “cooler vs. ac: which is better?” consider the following points.

  • Installation and portability: The air conditioner needs expert installation while the air cooler doesn’t need to be installed by any professional. Air coolers can be installed without the help of professionals, and necessary fittings must be made both inside and outside the room. It is very easy  to transport an air cooler from one place to another because of its portable size.
  • Air Quality: You might have wondered about the workings of an air cooler vs air conditioner but have you ever considered how these devices can impact the quality of the air in your space? An air cooler takes in fresh air from the outside and cools it down, an air conditioner constantly moves the current air around the room to provide cooling. An air cooler does not dry out the air in the room like air conditioners do.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Air coolers are affordable and available in a range of prices. Conversely, air conditioners are a little more costly. Air coolers can be bought for as little as Rs. 3,000 and higher, although air conditioners usually start at around Rs. 20,000.
  • Environmental-friendly: Air coolers do not release carbon (CFC) into the atmosphere, in contrast to air conditioners that release large volumes of CFC. This implies that buying an air cooler can greatly lessen your carbon footprint and make it an eco-friendly device.
  • Functioning: An air conditioner and an air cooler function very differently. To cool the air within, air coolers take in hot water and circulate it via wet absorbent pads. You have to completely fill them with water to use them. In contrast, air conditioners modify the air temperature by the use of a chemical coolant. 

Air conditioners enhance the quality of the air within by enabling you to control the humidity and temperature, in contrast to air coolers, which only cool the air to a certain extent.


To sum up, the debate between air cooler and air conditioner ultimately comes down to a number of factors like personal choices, needs, and financial limitations. 

The best Ac in India are more expensive although they provide excellent cooling efficiency and accurate temperature control, they consume more electricity and their installation cost is much higher. Conversely, the best air cooler in India offer a more economical and ecologically sustainable cooling option, however, their cooling capability and control are limited.


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