Top 10 Cooler Brands in India – Beat The Heat in Style


Summer in India can be really brutal with temperatures soaring to scorching highs. To cope with the heat you might rely on air coolers. These appliances provide you with cool refreshing air by circulating air through water-soaked pads.

If you’re looking forward to buying a cooler for your home this summer then you’re truly in luck. In this guide, you can check out the best cooler company in India that you should consider buying.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cooler in India

Before you dive into the list of top 10 cooler brands in India you must consider the factors when choosing a cooler for your home.

  • You need to consider the size of the room that you want to cool. Larger rooms will require coolers with higher capacities. You must ensure that you choose a cooler that is appropriately sized for your space to achieve optimum cooling performance.
  • There are mainly two types of cooler technology which are desert coolers and swamp coolers. Desert coolers are more effective in dry climates while swamp coolers work better in humid climates. You need to understand the climate in your area as this will help you choose the right type of cooler.
  • You need to look for coolers with energy-saving features to keep electricity bills low. High power consumption can lead to increased costs so you have to choose an energy-efficient model. Just like air conditioners you need to have a budget in your mind to find the right cooler.

List of Top 10 Cooler Brands in India

There are many different brands selling air coolers in India and we have listed some of the best air cooler company in India which are renowned and trusted by the customers.

1. Bajaj

Bajaj is the best cooler company in India offering a variety of coolers including desert coolers, personal coolers and tower air coolers.

The coolers are known for their amazing features like antibacterial technology and honeycomb cooling pads. You can expect some amazing features like pure technology which ensures clean and allergen-free air.

2. Symphony

Symphony is one of the best air cooler brands in India known for its unique range of coolers to suit your unique requirements and budget. They offer desert coolers, swamp coolers, personal & best portable coolers.

3. Voltas

Voltas is one of the best cooler brands in India as it offers a variety of coolers. They specialize in desert coolers mainly with powerful cooling capacity making them ideal for your rooms.

The coolers are known for their durability and quality. Features like turbo arthron honeycomb cooling pads are known for effective cooling.

4. Havells

Havells is a leading brand of electrical appliances and it is also the best cooler company as it offers a range of coolers like desert coolers and tower coolers.

The coolers are known for their sleek design, energy efficiency and powerful cooling performance. The coolers include features like humidity control and remote control operations for a better user experience.

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5. Usha

Usha is another one of the renowned and best air cooler companies and also one of the leading brands for home appliances. The coolers are known for their affordability, durability and a huge range of features.

The coolers are specially designed for ease of use with features like easy-fill water tanks and caster wheels for easy mobility.

6. Orient Electric

Orient Electric offers a variety of coolers including desert coolers, personal coolers and smart coolers. The smart coolers come with features like wi-fi connectivity and remote control operation.

They are known for their innovative features and energy efficiency. Thanks to smart controls and IoT integration these coolers can be controlled remotely via smartphones. 

7. Blue Star

Blue Star is one of the top 10 cooler brands in India and it is known for its high quality air conditioner and also offers a limited selection of desert coolers.

The coolers come with strong construction and high-performance motors ensuring reliable cooling even in the hottest conditions.

8. Crompton

Crompton is a major appliance brand and also one of the top cooler brands in India that offers you a variety of coolers including desert coolers and tower coolers.

You must know that Crompton coolers are known for their affordability, energy efficiency and wide range of features. They are specially designed to be energy efficient, helping you save on electricity bills without compromising on performance. 

9. Kenstar

Your hunt for the best air cooler in India is over when you choose Kenstar as it offers a variety of coolers including desert coolers, personal coolers and window coolers.

It is known for its affordability, durability and huge range of features. The coolers provide great value for money making them a prominent choice for you if you’re a budget-conscious customer.

10. Hindware

Hindware is a trusted brand for bathroom fittings and offers a range of desert coolers also making it one of the best cooler company in India.

The coolers are known for their quality durability and sleek designs. They are specially designed with modern aesthetics and advanced cooling technologies to improve your functionality and home decor.


So choosing the best cooler brand in India depends on your specific needs and budget. By considering the factors mentioned here during the top brands you can make the right decision and stay cool all summer long.

So investing in a cooler can make a major difference in your comfort during the hot summer months. With the huge range of options available, you can find a cooler that meets your specific requirements and fits within your budget. 


Aarushi Bansal
Aarushi Bansal
Arushi Bansal is a senior Editor of Listobuzz and possesses over 5 years of experience in assessing kitchen and home appliances. The technical know-how and her understanding about the market is impeccable. She has also been working with brands as an influencer to promote home improvement products. She has been writing since 5 years and have a great experience in writing product reviews on home and kitchen appliances.


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