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In today’s world, it has become more important to have clean purified water everyday. There are several best purifiers available in the market. The Indian people must include such good products in their daily life. The best water purifier in India are providing advanced cleaning methods. These are efficient in removing germs, viruses and salt from the water. In such a profound manner these systems are making water which is safe and good for health.

These products come with easy to use technology. The users do not have to hustle at all while functioning the gadgets.

In this article we will be exploring a number of best water purifiers in India. It will definitely be helpful for the buyers to grab a perfect water filter for them and their family.

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Benefits of Using Best Water Purifier in India

Using a water purifier offers numerous benefits. The customers should know all the benefits of having the best water purifier household. These benefits are described below which really can be helpful while choosing best top rated water purifier –

  • Health Protection: Maintaining good health is the first priority of having a purifier in the house. It helps people to get rid of frequent sickness from having bacterial water.  
  • Improved Taste and Odour: These products can also make the drinking water taste better and smell better. 
  • Mineral Retention: These, some of the best water purifiers are capable enough to cut down the harmful minerals from the water and make it safely drinkable. 
  • Convenience: Presence of such top rated water filters in India are convenient enough to use. These are handy and can supply constant clean water at home or office.  
  • Cost-Efficiency: Usage of water purifiers has lessened the use of bottled water. So it has been a help in reducing the cost of buying plastic water bottles as well.
  • Environmental Impact: Naturally these products lessen the requirement of plastic bottles which is harmful for the environment. 
  • Versatility: Good for many different water places, handling various worries about the quality of water and making sure safe drinking water in lots of spots.

Some Top Brands For Best Water Filter in india

There is a good number of top brands selling the best water purifier for home in India. There is a list of such brands presented below which will be an effective guide for buyers. Have a look at the popular brands and choose wisely according to your regional water quality and other needs.

  • Kent: This brand is known for using RO technology. This brand is well made and efficient in making water clean fast. This brand is being used widely in India. Kent provides the best water filter in India. 
  • Aquaguard: Supplies many water cleaners with new functions for complete treatment of water. Aquaguard is already a well known brand for selling top rated water purifiers in India. Many customers rely on this brand for the best water purifier. 
  • Havells: Offers RO and UV purifiers with cutting-edge tech, stylish looks. Havells brand is also famous for being the best alkaline water purifier in India. It is also known as the best RO water filter in India. 
  • AO Smith: Well-known for making water cleaners with things like MIN-TECH (Mineralizer Technology) to keep the right amount of minerals. This brand is selling top rated water purifiers in India. Many customers rely on this brand in India for quality products. 
  • Eureka Forbes: Eureka Forbes are best at providing types of cleaners, like Aquasure, Dr. Aquaguard series which has a multi-step cleaning process.
  • Blue Star: This particular brand provides water machines with RO, UV and UF systems that make sure the cleaning is done right. Blue Star is very much reliable for being the best RO water purifier in India. 
  • LG: Gives purifiers different ways to filter and smart features for better user experience. Again, this brand has been selling good water purifiers in India for a long time.

Top Rated Water Purifier in India

AO Smith Black Best RO Water Purifier in India

AO Smith X2 UV UltraViolet + UF (Ultra Fine) Black Water Purifier

This can easily be set on the wall. This electronic device is made of plastic. This product includes various components like water purifier, manual, mounting crews, tubes and connectors. This is one of the top rated water purifier in India


Aquaguard Sure Delight NXT RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Aquaguard Sure Delight

This product comes with high storage capacity. This product saves up to 60% water. Other ordinary water purifiers end up wasting 50-75% water. It includes components like- water purifier, user manual and plumbing kit. This one is popularly used in Indian houses.


KENT Supreme Alkaline RO Water Purifier

This water purifier is one of the best alkaline water purifiers in India. This purifier cost is affordable in India. It keeps the purified water bacteria free and keeps your health good in the long run. It removes all impurities and also converts alkaline water to drinkable water. 


V-Guard Zenora RO MF Best RO Filter In India

This one comes with RO and UV. It has the best purification method called reverse osmosis. This is one of the top rated water purifiers in India. This one is also famous for being the best RO filter in India. It includes components like the user manual, white tube and wall mounting kit.


HUL Pureit Eco

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver is the highest water-saving RO with a recovery rate of upto 60%. It helps you save upto 80 glasses of water daily compared to using other ordinary ROs. It comes with a one year warranty.


Livpure GLO PRO+ RO+UV+Taste Enhancer, Best RO Purifier In India

Livpure GLO PRO+ RO+UV+Taste Enhancer, Water Purifier

This product comes with Post Carbon Filter plus RO and UV. It has a 12 months comprehensive warranty. It also has LED Indications and Taste Enhancer. This is again one of the best RO water filters in India.


What to Check When Buying a Good Water Purifier in India

While planning to buy the best water purifier in India it is important to consider some of the crucial factors.

  • Water Quality Analysis: Know what pollutants are in your water so you can pick a cleaner that works well for those problems.
  • Purification Technology: Think about the ways to clean water like RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet) and UF (Ultrafiltration). Choose one that fits your needs for getting clear water.
  • Storage Capacity: Buyers should check the filters’ storage capacity. Filters which are able to provide enough water every day would be one of the best choices. 
  • TDS Controller: If you choose a RO purifier, make sure it has something called TDS controller to keep important minerals. This gives your water a nice taste with all the right stuff in it.
  • Filter Replacement: Look at how easy it is to change the filter and check how much new filters cost. This will help keep your water purifier working well.
  • Water Waste: Check how much water is wasted in RO systems because some units might use it better during the cleaning process.
  • Brand Reputation: The buyers must choose the well-known brands. The brands which have reliable products and good customer service.
  • Certifications: Many brands have received certificates based on their products’ quality. That is also something the buyers should check upon.


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Different Types of Best Water Filter For Home in India

There are various kinds of good water purifier in India. Those are efficient in providing healthy water for drinking. The customers have to choose wisely which kind of filter or purifier they should have exactly. 

  • RO Water Purifiers: These kinds of water filters are in demand obviously. RO water purifiers are the top rated water purifiers available in India. 
  • UV Water Purifiers: Good for getting rid of germs and viruses, giving extra safety against sickness from water. UV water purifiers are widely used in India already. 
  • UF Water Purifiers: Uses a real fence to get rid of germs, diseases and small parasite eggs. Good for water that doesn’t have too many total dissolved solids (TDS). This type is known for one of the best water purifiers in India. 
  • Activated Carbon Filters: These kinds of best water filters are well organised to provide chlorine, pesticides and organic chemical free water. That water tastes better and smells nicer.


The whole article talks about the best and demanding water purifiers that are available in the Indian market. The families of Indian households can be highly benefited by these products. They just have to choose wisely the best water cleaner based on the water’s quality of the particular region. A safe drinking water practice is a must for every household. It is a part of a good and healthy lifestyle.  

FAQ's Related to Best Water Filter in India

Q1. Is filtered water 100% safe?

Ans: No filtration can be able to remove all impurities completely. But the water purifiers can be effective to provide safer water to drink.

Q2. Which is better RO or UV?

Ans: RO removes hidden dirt. UV works well against germs and viruses. Your decision should be based on the water quality in your area.

Q3. Which filter method is best?

Ans: Reverse osmosis water purification is considered as one of the best methods.

Q4. Which water is best in RO water or boiled water?

Ans: Both RO and boiled water are okay to drink. It's up to you which one you prefer.

Q5. Should I drink RO or alkaline water?

Ans: Both are good but alkaline water can be more beneficial for health.
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