10 Important Things to Know Before Going on Solar


Solar energy installation has many financial and environmental benefits as the cost savings, revenues generation, less carbon emission and social aspect.

While higher classes of solar power may seem expensive, they can have increased efficiency or lifespan, and this page offers you relevant advice and useful tips that will assist you to make the best decision according to your circumstances.

1. Assess Your Energy Needs

Solar power provides a green and sustainable solution to energy demands thus eliminating issues such as persistent shortages of power, high bills, excessive use of the electricity in contributing to carbon emissions and climate change among others and minimized carbon footprint.

Possible costs of solar panels vary depending on the purchase; hence, one needs to make an objective measurement of energy requirements when making a purchase. Understand how to make the right calculations of the systems and the right one to be taken for the installation to cater for your property. Here are a few key points for consideration:Here are a few key points for consideration:

2. Solar Potential of Your Location

Pakistan enjoys exposure to a high amount of sunlight, so the country has huge potential in terms of solar power. As this research has pointed out, if properly implemented and backed up by policies and technologies, a major role in providing power for Pakistan and supporting sustainable economic growth could be opened to solar energy.

Compared with oil and electricity, the price of which increases every now and then, investing in solar panel price in Pakistan is a long-term activity with no risk of fluctuation or volatility. To remain aware of the further ongoing changes in the market and to have knowledge about further possible decisions taken by the government, which might cause solar costs in the near future. Moreover, choose one from the following brand elements comparing multiple options if possible.

3. Roof Condition and Orientation

There is suggestion to place the solar panels on the roofs that get south facing direct sunlight and the number of panels should be installed depending on the energy requirement of the premises along with the availability of roof space.

Investments made securely in the solar solution can reduce electricity costs and contribute significantly to low carbon emissions. However, the cost for the solar panels is not stable and it is valuable to know more about the fluctuations in the market and the trends of energy pricing.

First entries like Jinko and Longi are top solar brands whose panels will be durable and highly performing. Their superior executory modules possess characteristics like higher bi-facial operability and TCO to provide optimum efficiency levels.

4. Types of Solar Panels

Solar energy is both an environmental and economical solution because it preserves energy that can be harnessed from the sun instead of relying on other natural resources. Take a look at all Longi, Jinko, Canadian Solar, JA and INVEERDEX models to select the one that fits the characteristic of your home or business.

solar panels are believed to be more efficient and long-lasting than other options, suitable for homeowners who are ready to invest their money and get a stable income from generated electricity during more than a quarter of the century.

Polycrystalline photovoltaic panels provide more economical solutions in terms of energy production and utilization since they cater for small household electricity demands. If your pocket allows it, look out for Trina and ja solar poly panels of 330 watt as used by Trina and JA solar to cut down your expenditure.

5. Inverter Options

Solar inverters are devices that accurately translate the DC type of power generated by the sun panels into AC type that can be used to power household appliances. They also serve the purpose of tracking, see how effectively your system is working or not.

Some of the prestigious brands offers best solar inverters price in pakistan include Longi, JA Solar, Jinko Solar, and Canadian Solar amongst others Fronus is known to have highly efficient inverters that are able to convert 97.8 % of solar energy to Ac power Inverex also offers product that is highly customized for residential and commercial use. The author is right stating that before making a purchase decision, one should always assess brand quality and efficiency regardless of the brand they choose.

6. Financial Incentives and Rebates

As solar power adoption increases in Pakistan, policies and tax credits help to reduce consumption cost of home seekers when they use renewable energy systems. These include net metering policies, tax credit subsidies, low sales taxes and import duty on solar equipment.

To help with this issue, upgrading with better solar panels such as Jinko n-type 555-575 Watt panels is a way to invest in the development of clean energy for you and people around you. Such energy saving investments will definitely contribute to reduction of electric energy consumption and in a long run a homeowner will benefit from liquidity of electricity bills ; it is thus important to check whether or not a homeowner is eligible for any financial incentive.

7. Financing Options

Due to a relatively recent shift across the globe that focuses on the effectiveness of renewable energy, investment in the solar sector has never been as cheap as it is now. Huge number of banks including Meezan Bank and JS Bank are providing flexible and easy finance solution that makes installation of your system cost effective on monthly basis.

Such choices keep solar power affordable to a broader populace cutting on cost and being innovation in the heart of conserving the environment. But in relation to money for the system, one must be conscious of the extra expenses that include processing fees, survey charges, Stamp Tax and Registration (STR) fees that may be charged.

8. Installation Company Reputation

As for any investment decision, when choosing a solar energy company, it is always effective to look for such a company which already works in your region. In addition, a homeowner should find an installer who is capable of correctly sizing and installing the solar systems.

Another factor which also relates generally to scale is size – usually the smaller your system, then the cheaper it is in total. A 1 kW system generates almost 4 units everyday while 6 kW systems can generate 24 units- Longi solar panels are some of the most popular solar panels on the market due to their high efficiency and good build quality of their products which are also cheaper in the market.

9. Maintenance and Warranties

Indeed, solar panels are famous for their reliability and cleanness of energy supplied and nowadays they need maintenance expenses. Thus, the maintenance expenses could be reduced and, if there is an opportunity to select a Tier 1 brand with A-grade documented PV modules, it should be provided with long-term company warranties.

Due to the rising prices in oil, gas, and electricity, many clients across Pakistan are now seeking alternative and sustainable methods of energy production, of which solar power is a viable option in saving the planet from further harm. Here are some factors you should take into consideration before switching over:Here are some factors you should take into consideration before switching over:

10. Connecting more grids and store energy

This is because energy storage is one of the most critical parts of the solar power system and is aimed at providing stable energy production during the moments of its productivity increase, and at the same time, at leveling the fluctuations in the electric power demand. Moreover, its longevity goes on and reduces the cost of the system further on.

The use of ‘renewable sources of energy’ is still limited around the world but Pakistan is adopting them in its power sector like solar power plants, solar panels etc. Besides the factors such as brand, efficiency as well as the capacity of the panels, there are a number of features that define the solar panel price pakistan including the various currencies and the import rates.


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