10 Best Ceiling Fans Brands in India


Summer is here, there’s nothing quite like the instant relief one feels on a scorching afternoon after switching on a fan. Several brands have established themselves as leaders in the market by offering high-quality and stylish fans. Buying a ceiling fan for your room depends on many factors which include brands. The top rated ceiling fan brands is the one which suits your budget and quality. 

To simplify your research and save you time we have listed some of the best ceiling fan company in India

Top Rated Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Here is the list of the best fan company in India to make your purchase easier:


Over the years Crompton has developed its brand value and is well known because of its durable, stylish and energy-efficient fans.

This top rated ceiling fan brand consistently excels because of supplying wide-ranging fans – ceiling, table, pedestal, etc. Crompton ensures that customer needs are fully satisfied and makes them a popular choice and the best ceiling fan company.


Usha is one of the top rated ceiling fan brands in India. Usha is a renowned brand in this category known for its efficiency and quality.

Its pricing provides a competitive edge in the market. It provides choices for every consumer to buy a fan that suits personal choice making Usha the top ceiling fan brand in the market.


When it comes to the fan industry, BAJAJ has its legacy and they establish their trust among the consumers. Bajaj offers a diverse range, and innovative features with energy-efficient, durable, safe, warranty fans to suit every need or budget.

The company is popular for its energy-efficient, durable and smart features fans ensuring versatile and effective cooling and making it a top ceiling fan brands in India. 


Havells never fails to impress with its innovative technologies. They have been seen as a big competitor because of the high-quality materials – aluminum and steel they use. The wall mounted fans from Havells are of great quality.

Besides this, the advantage they enjoy is their blades are available in various sizes, catering to different room sizes. Consistently, Havells is ranked among the top 10 electrical companies in the market. 

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It is not possible to talk about orient fans while talking about top brands in this industry. They are a leading manufacturer of ceiling fans because of their reliability, powerful air delivery and innovative designs.

Thanks to their aeroquiet and ecoTech ranges they are popular for their silent operation and low power consumption counting them in top ten ceiling fan brands in INDIA.


The brand is a newcomer in the market and gained popularity because of its energy-efficient BLDC ( brushless direct current) motor fans.

These best ceiling fans in India consume less electricity, reducing our electrical bills, and making them eco-friendly and cost-effective choices.


Polycab has managed to enter its name in the list of top ten ceiling fan brands in India. Known for their unique styling, innovative features and high-air delivery, POLYCAB fans have successfully ventured into the fan market.

They have gained attention because of their reliability and durability in electrical fans. Besides this, they provide a wide range of products with different features catering to the various consumer needs. 


From years to years, they have earned consumer confidence and trust, V-GUARD, a top ceiling fan brand in the market known for its quality and customer satisfaction.

Their fans are designed for longevity and optimal performance, offering a wide range of products.


For cooling solutions, the most trusted fan company will be LUMINOUS. The products are renowned for their quality and innovation.

They combine stylish features and innovative technology to deliver superior air circulation. That is why they are considered better than others and occupy a better position in the best ceiling Fan Company.


Renowned for their reliability, performance and style, Khaitan fans provide optimal air circulation and ensure comfort in every room.

Khaitan is one of the oldest and most trusted ceiling fan brands. They have carved a niche for themselves, by making them top rated ceiling brands. The brand provides a perfect blend of elegance and efficiency.


Now you have the list of top ten ceiling fan brands in India and a vast array of fan options available online. Now consumers can make decisions by carefully considering features to make the right purchase that is reliable and affordable for them. The top ceiling fan brands but choosing the best for your home is a tough task, so we have made it easy for you. 

The unique features and exceptional quality offered by these top brands solidify their position as the best ceiling fan brands in India.

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