Stay Cool This Summer: The Best Fans to Keep You Cool at Home


Why You Need More Fans in Summer or During Load Shedding having the right fan when things heat up in summer, or in areas affected by power outages, can be the difference between sweltering and staying cool at home.

Let’s take a look at the range of fan types on the market today and how they can help you chill out.

Exhaust Fan

  • Common in many homes, an exhaust fan helps remove stagnant air or unpleasant odors from enclosed areas.
  • This is especially useful in kitchens or bathrooms, where moisture or cooking smells can build up.
  • Install one for improved air flow and freshness in your home.

Rechargeable Fan

  • A portable rechargeable fan is a savior in areas of regular power outage.
  • Simply charge it up for use during load shedding or when you’re away from mains power.
  • Opt for something with several speeds and long battery life.

Air Cooler/Room Coolers

  • Air coolers, sometimes called room coolers, water-cool the air for a cooler breeze.
  • Very effective in dry heat, best energy-efficient air coolers are a good alternative to air conditioning.
  • A larger water tank capacity is ideal, along with adjustable fan speeds.
  • Many efficient air coolers brands available in market to beat the heat this summer

Sogo Stand Fan

  • Stand fans, such as the Sogo stand fan, are fixed in place, often with adjustable heights.
  • Great for living rooms, bedrooms, or home offices that need a regular breeze.
  • Seek out a stand fan that oscillates and comes with a remote control for added convenience.

Mini Rechargeable Table Fan

  • Small and easy to move, mini rechargeable fans are personal cooling solutions.
  • Keep them on desks, bedside tables, or carry with you for cooling as you move
  • around.
  • A table fan should be extremely quiet and long lasting on a single charge.

Pedestal Fan

  • Pedestal fans are freestanding and adjustable in height and speed.
  • Useful for large indoor or outdoor spaces where you need air moving around.
  • Pick a model that has a wide oscillation and sturdy base.


Ultimately, there’s a fan to suit every need – or help with climate control during power cuts, but
Choosing via person need and preferences will get you the best fan and air cooler for your space. Stay cool, stay comfortable; you can weather the arid storm or the summer heat with the perfect fan for you.


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