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6 Best Hand Blenders in India 2024- Complete Guide

The kitchen appliances are also bringing revolution in today’s time.These utility appliances have become an indispensable element. Users find enhanced efficiency with a number of cooking activities with these tools. These easy to use gadgets are gradually sweeping away the old kitchen fundamentals. 

In such a condition we are going to meet some amazing best hand blenders in India. These can effortlessly blend spices to ensure the gravy is silky smooth. The hand stick blender can meet the needs of Indian cuisine which is very complex by nature.

Hand mixer machines are versatile at making chutneys, lassi and all the Indian style recipes. It saves time and effort in the busy Indian kitchens. The results of using it are flawless. Hand blenders are crucial for both the amateur and professional cooks.

In this article we are going to help a bunch of people who are looking for the best hand blender for frequent use. We have presented a number of top rated hand blenders here. 

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Benefits of Best Hand Blenders in India

Let us understand about the major benefits of using best hand blenders in India

  • Versatility: Hand blenders are multifunctional kitchen appliances. It has different functions including blending, pureeing and chopping. It is crucial for diverse recipes.
  • Convenience: It is basically portable and enables users to mix ingredients directly in the cooking. It does not require having them to pour from one vessel to another.
  • Time Efficiency: The hand mixer machines help in lubricating food preparations. Thus making the food preparation process fast. This is especially helpful for working men and women. 
  • Easy to Clean: Most hand blenders are easy to clean fast. Thus it makes post cleanup of the cooking  easy. 
  • Compact Design: The small size of the hand blenders renders them perfect for kitchens Thus it offers a practical option for those having storage space challenges.
  • Affordability: Compared to other kitchen tools the hand blenders can be a much pocket-friendly choice. It will help people to get highly efficient blending without investing in large appliances. The cost of hand blender in India is very affordable.  
  • Immersion Capability: The immersion function enables users to break ingredients in hot or cold liquids. That makes them more versatile in the preparation of soups, smoothies, and sauces.
  • Energy Efficiency: Hand blenders use less energy compared to other big appliances. Hence it brings efficiency of energy in the kitchens and reduces the cost of electricity.

Top Brands for Hand Stick Blender

There are several top brands selling the best hand blenders in India. Here is the list:  
  • Philips:
Philips is known for selling the best hand blenders in India. The hand blenders are reliable and products from this brand are known for their unique designs. The blenders of this brand are powerful and great performers. These are preferred by those seeking effective, reliable kitchen equipment. Philips hand blenders are quite famous for their quality also.
  • Orpat:
Orpat hand blenders are characterised by their simplicity and efficiency. The blenders use a combination of pragmatic design and reliable performance. Orpat hand blenders are affordable. 
  • Prestige:
The products of this brand come with luxury and preciseness. The blender hand mixers are especially powerful with motor engine technology, combined with stunning aesthetics and innovative functionality. Such features allow these blenders to provide a smooth blending. 
  • Bajaj:


Bajaj hand blenders are renowned for their dependability and cost-effectiveness. These blenders have a combination of functionality and economy such They are affordable to any specific segment. Bajaj hand blenders are the most sensible option for consumers looking for efficient ways to blend. In India, the cost of hand blender is effective and very affordable. 
  • Morphy Richards:
Morphy Richards hand blenders are great for style and performance. The futuristic designs of these blenders along with their advanced technology makes them popular. Morphy Richards hand blenders, focusing on innovation. It assures powerful and efficient blending adding a note of elegance to cooking. Morphy Richars is also known for manufacturing the best electric hand blenders. 

Top Rated Hand Mixer Machine in India

Prestige ACE Hand Blender

Prestige ACE Hand Blender

This one is a top rated hand blender. A huge number of customers are using this hand liquidiser and they are fully satisfied with its overall performance. This best hand blenders in India comes in black and white colour. It has stainless steel blades with 250 watt power. 

This hand mixer machine is made in India and the product is a must try product for the people looking for a flexible hand blender for themselves. 

  • Specifications:
  1. Item Weight: 400 g
  2. Included Components: Dough Blade
  3. Generic Name: Hand Blender
  4. 1 year warranty 

Bonsenkitchen Milk Frother Handheld Electric Hand Blender

This product is made in China. It has 130 g weight. This item is from the Bonsenkitchen brand. Its classic style with special features like auto shut off and ergonomic handle attracts the customers. This hand blender has 220 volts of voltage. This one comes with an electric and handheld power source.

  • Specifications:
  1. Item Weight: 130 g
  2. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 15 x 5 x 4 Centimetres
  3. Net Quantity: 1.00 count

Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Best Hand Mixer in India

This hand blender is a handy appliance. It will reduce the time one spends in the kitchen by taking care of all your chopping, blending or mixing tasks at the one touch of a button. It has a smooth and safe switch. Which are leek and strong. It has an elegant design. This blender is easy to store and wash. It has stainless steel blades.

  • Specifications:
  1. Capacity: 1.5 Millilitres
  2. Product Dimensions: 14D x 35.4W x 9.8H Centimetres
  3. Material: Stainless Steel

PRO365 Indo Portable Mocktails/Cappuccino Hand Blender

PRO365 Indo Portable MocktailsCoffee Blender

This multipurpose handheld blender is a functional tool. It can be used for preparing numerous beverages like cappucino, caffe latte, hot chocolate, frappe, milk shake, etc. One can easily have a cup of its frothy delight within 15 seconds to serve as coffee frother, latte frother, foam maker, a hot chocolate maker, a matcha whisk. It also does still provide effective manual foaming for your favourite drinks. 

  • Specifications:
  1. Colour: Brown Frother
  2. Product Dimensions: 5D x 5W x 21H Centimetres
  3. Material: Stainless Steel
  4. Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  5. Voltage: 220 Volts

KENT 16051 Hand Blender

KENT 16051 Hand Blender 300 W

Kent is also known for manufacturing the best hand blenders in India. This 300W hand blender is characterised by efficiency in the cooking process, with 5 variable speed controls you can be sure of great results each time. The turbo function speeds up home chores and the built-in overheating protection prevents damage. 

With a massive copper motor for durability, this blender has a food-grade plastic body to maintain hygiene standards. It is provided with different beaters and dough hooks for a variety of recipes which can be changed by a simple push from the eject button.

  • Specifications:
  1. Product Dimensions: 14.5D x 15.3W x 21.5H Centimetres
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Included Components: Hand Blender 300 W- 01, Beaters-02, Dough Hooks-02, Stand-01, User manual-01
  4. Power: 300 watts
  5. Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts

PHILIPS HL1655/00 Best Hand Blenders in India

PHILIPS HL165500 Hand Blender, 250W

This hand blender is made of rust free steel rod for hot and cold mixes that provide durability at which it has a voltage power 230V. It has a cord length of 1.2m which allows for an easier blending process. The product features a two-year warranty period and its adaptive 20 min blending capability for different hot as well cold dishes is completed by a removable whisker to mix or whip. 

This product measures lengthwise 13 inches, operates at a frequency of 50Hz and includes hand blender whisk. Its features include ease of cleaning, a wall bracket for storage and single-trigger operation.

  • Specifications:
  1. Colour: White
  2. Special Feature: Heating
  3. Product Dimensions: 6.8D x 9.1W x 33.5H Centimetres
  4. Material: Alloy Steel
  5. Included Components: Hand Blender and Whisk

Difference Between Hand Mixer and Hand Blender

A hand blender and a hand mixer are both versatile kitchen tools. But they serve different purposes. Hand blenders and hand mixers are hand-held kitchen appliances. 

Specifically the hand blender blending and pureeing whilst hand mixer is designed to mix and whip or cream any ingredient in the kitchen. Between these two it all depends on the exact cooking or baking activities you intend to do.

  • Hand Blender:
  1. Functionality: Hand blenders are mainly used for blending and pureeing. Therefore they are suitable for tasks such as making soup, smoothies, sauces, and baby food.
  2. Blade Design: Combined with short knives at the tip. Thus, hand blenders enable liquid or food for blending.
  3. Versatility: Effective in producing sleek textures and uniform blending of different recipes. Hence blender hand mixers are a preferred device for different recipes.
  4. Use in Containers: Hand blenders are frequently placed in the cooking pot or container. And that makes it easy to blend.
  • Hand Mixer:
  1. Functionality: Hand mixers are manufactured to mix, beat and whip ingredients which are used in making batter, whipped cream and frosting.
  2. Beater Attachments: Come along with beaters or whisk attachments which rotate to add air to the composition achieving the needed texture.
  3. Versatility: Mainly designed for incorporating ingredients rather than pulverising them. Therefore, conveniently fitting into cakes and dessert recipes.
  4. Use in Bowls: Typically, it is in bowls that hand mixers are employed. Therefore, the shelfs have to contain the ingredients in a separate container.

Types of Hand Blenders in India

Each kind of blender caters to particular wishes and possibilities, presenting varying ranges of energy, versatility, and convenience within the kitchen.

  • Countertop Blender:
  1. Functionality: The blenders are multipurpose in design. They cut across several duties. It is able to make smoothies, crush ice as well as prepare soups.
  2. Features: It smoothly runs with perfect motors. It is an easily probable one. 
  • Immersion Blender (Hand Blender):
  1. Functionality: For combining ingredients on the spot, stick handheld blenders are ideal for mixing ingredients instantly in pots, bowls, or any containers.
  2. Features: Portable and easy to use, most immersion blenders come with variable speeds and attachments that can be swapped for tasks like dicing or whisking.
  • Personal Blender:
  1. Functionality: This applies to compact blenders meant for the unmarried or small-serving mixing duties, such as preparing smoothies or protein shakes.
  2. Features: State a portable blending cup that works as a travel field usually. They are shades of greens and generally have a variety of buttons down to a mimsy maybe for short and easy usage.

Precautions to Take While Using Hand Liquidiser

Here are some don’ts that are suggested while using a hand blender. These precautions below will keep you safe-

  • Safety First: Whenever you are attaching or detaching accessories, never have anything in contact with the power source as this can lead to an accidental start.
  • Liquid Levels: Ensure there is enough liquid. Prevent splattering when using the hand blender, avoiding splashing while keeping the blender submerged in further. So as not to damage the motor.
  • Heat Resistance: When dealing with hot liquids, tread with care. Opt for models that have been made for immersion into hot substances to prevent tragedies.
  • Overworking the Motor: In case of hard or giant ingredients it is better not to overload the hand blender. In order to not overwork the motor and thus significantly shorten the gadget’s shelf life.
  • Cleaning Safely: Whenever you need to clean the hand blender, it should stay unplugged. And never immerse the whole unit in the water. This is to ensure safety and functionality of the product. Please follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.


Now all the readers of this article know almost everything which is considerable while looking for best hand blenders in India. Every careful pick would be a meaningful purchase. We care for the people so that we wish them best of luck with their appliances.  

FAQ's Related to Best Hand Stick Blender

Q1. Can I use a stick blender or hand blender to make smoothies and crush ice?

Ans: Yes you can. But crushing ice directly can damage the blades. Add some water before crushing any hard item.

Q2. Are blender dishwashers safe?

Ans:Not all blenders are dishwasher safe. Especially the ones which are connected to electricity, such as blender base, are not safe for dishwashers.

Q3. Difference between a hand blender and a hand mixer?

Ans:As Hand blenders are lightweight, it is best for convenient appliances. Whereas people can use a mixer grinder for mixing a wider range of food items.

Q4. Why Should You Use A Hand Blender?

Ans: A hand blender can help in blending the food in the same container without changing it.

Q5. Is a higher watt blender more powerful?

Ans:Yes. A higher watt blender is more powerful and efficient in its performance than the other ones.
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