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Smart Pop-Up Toasters: Ultimate Choice For Households

In your rushy mornings when you wish those perfectly toasted bread to go with butter, jam, or omelet the pop-up toasters are the ultimate rescue. 

This basic yet highly convenient appliance is something that every household has and cannot ignore. It’s simply an appliance that enables you to make the best sandwiches with leftover stuffings of your choice. 

This implies that investing in the best pop-up toaster at once that offers the best kind of convenience and features is crucial. But we need to keep in mind even minute details and specifications before buying a toaster. In this review blog, we will assist you in making a purchase decision. 

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Important Benefits of Using Pop Up Toaster

Using a toaster comes with several benefits which will make your cooking easy. Let’s look at some of the benefits which are stated below.

  • Convenience offered by toaster

One of the most significant benefits of using such a pop up toaster is that these are incredibly convenient for providing a golden crunch to bagels, breads as well and other baked goods. They are very fast and easy to use. This feature will help you to prepare your breakfast or any snack in just a few minutes. You just have to simply place the bread or the particular item in toaster slots, then select the appropriate browning level and just push down the lever.

  • Consistency

The best part about having a pop up bread toaster is the design they offer. These are designed to provide consistent results of the users. They use thermostats to maintain a consistent temperature while in use. This also helps in preventing overcooking or undercooking of food.

  • Customisation

The best Pop-up toaster comes with adjustable features which will help in changing the level of toasting according to your taste and need. You can now toast exactly how you love to eat. From ligh toasting to crispy toasting, you will get all and enjoy your health snacking.

  • Time-Saving

Toasing a bread takes a lot of time but with the help of the best bread toaster it becomes very easy task. Automatic bread toaster makes this task simple and saves a lot of extra efforts. Now your busy mornings are made easier with a perfect pop-up bread toaster. Its automatic pop-up feature will also save you from waiting by the toaster, freeing you up to do other important work.

  • Versatility

 If you think a pop-up bread toaster available in India can only be sued for toasting bread then surely you need to think beyond. A toaster can also help in toasting frozen waffles, pastries and even sandwiches and this features makes it more versatile and handy to use.

Different Types Of Best Pop Up Toaster in India

The best pop-up toaster comes in many different types, each uniquely designed for specific purposes and has unique features. Let’s see some of the common types of toasters which are as follows:

  • Standard slot toasters 

These are the most common types of toasters that come with two or four slots that will help you toast the bread, bangles, or other similar items. They will offer you adjustable browning that will allow  you to select the level of tasting you need. Moreover, these toasters are also versatile and most suitable for your everyday toasting needs.

  • Long slot Toaster 

These are considered to be one of the best pop-up toasters, as the name suggests they have longer slots as compared to other slots that can accommodate larger slices of bread as well as multiple-sized slices  in a single slot. Its design is considered to be one of the best for toasting especially bread like sourdough or ciabatta. 

  • Slice toasters 

Pop up toaster 4 slices are one of the unique toasters that have two sets of slots which will allow you to  toast four slices of bread at a single time. They are considered to be most suitable for family or when you want to make multiple toasts in a short period. Moreover, they also come with separate browning controls for every pair of slots. 

  •  Smart toaster 

Smart toasters are one of the best  auto pop-up toasters  that are equipped with many advanced technologies such as wifi connectivity as well as smartphone apps. They also offer many features such as precise temperature control, tasting profiles, and other notifications. They also offer a high level of customization and convenience, you can access them remotely and get updates when your toast is ready.



7 Best Pop Up Toaster in India

Pigeon by Stovekraft 2 Slice Auto Toaster

The black coloured pop up based toaster with plastic material as its base can be an ultimate choice. It has a pop up toaster 2 slice feature with a variable browning control. 

Also, it’s cool touch body and easy slide out merit makes it a better choice for everyday. It has a powerful capacity along with a in-build slice centering ability to ensure even toasting.

Product specifications:

  • 750 watts wattage 
  • 750 grams of item weight
  • 1 program installed 
  • 3 settings feature 
  • Plastic as a base material

Bajaj ATX 4 750-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

This amazing pop-up based white coloured setup by Bajaj is a worthy choice. Comes with a dual slicing feature and 6- level break browning settings.  Its mechanism ensures no over-toasting of the bread slices. Extra-wide slotting for bread toasting helps you toast breads of various types.

Product Specifications:

  • 6 setting options 
  • 1 program installed 
  • 1597 grams of item weight 
  • 230 volts of voltage 
  • 750 watts of wattage 

Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 830-Watt 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster

This innovative and plastic based setup by Philips has a special warming rack feature. Its white body with aesthetic appearance is what makes it perfect for your modern kitchen. Its warming rack feature ensures proper toasting of the bread without any discrepancies.

Product specifications:

  • 1.14 kg of item weight
  • 830 watts wattage 
  • 750 volts voltage 
  • 4 pre-installed programmes
  • 5 degrees of settings 

Morphy Richards AT 200, 2-Slice Pop-Up Toaster with Dust Cover

This dual slicing pop up toaster by Morphy Richards has a powerful heating function. It even comes with a useful dust cover to maintain it over a long time. 

The 6 level browning feature ensures fabulous toasting of the bread every time. Also, the mid cycle cancel feature avoids overheating.

Product specifications:

  • 700 watts wattage 
  • Black coloured
  • 960 grams item weight
  • 240 volts voltage 
  • 6 settings options
  • Style: AT 200

Lifelong Stainless Steel High Efficiency Gas Burner

The black coloured PP (Polypropylene) material based setup by V-guard ensures high power. This helps in ensuring quick and well-toasted results with bread. 

The 6- level browning feature ensures the toasting of bread as per your personal preference. It has a glossy finish type that adds up to its aesthetic look. 

Product specifications:

  • 230 volts of voltage 
  • 750 watts of wattage 
  • Style: VT200
  • Auto-pop up feature 
  • Cancel feature 

Havells Crisp Plus 750-Watt Pop-up Toaster (Black)

This Crips Plus setup is one of the best pop up toasters by Havells. The reheating function warms the slices without full effort. Also, it has a hygienic stainless steel base material that prevents rusting. The toaster quickly toasts up the bread to perfection and customisation with its 7 heat settings. 

Product specifications:

  • 750 watts of wattage 
  • 1160 grams of item weight
  • 1  installed 
  • 7 degrees of settings 

Top Brands For Best Pop Up Toaster in India

The degree of benefits that can be availed after purchasing this kitchen appliance highly depends on the brand you choose. So, here is the list of the top renowned brands that you can choose from to purchase the best pop-up toaster this 2023.

  • Philips 

For years Philips has emerged as a strong brand in the Indian appliances market. They offer a huge variety and similar is the case with their pop -up toaster genre. They are quite quirky in terms of the innovation they offer with the advanced features and heat control settings. 

  • Bajaj 

While talking about kitchen appliances Bajaj cannot be missed from the list. They have a vast range of pop-up-based toasters to offer that have multiple features to ensure a better experience. Some of such additional features are inclined slots for cooking different types of breads, defrosting and reheating ability, etc. 

  •  Prestige 

Prestige is also an Indian established brand that is also one of the favorable choices among households. They offer smart and wider slots for toasting bread of various dimensions. Features like browning customizable controls and crumb trays make it an even perfect choice. 

  • Usha 

Usha is an age-old brand that provides a trusted range of appliances to households. The toasters offered by them have built-in durable features that ensure longevity.  Also, smart and new-age features like defrost, reheat, dust cover are notable too. 

  •  Morphy Richards 

Morphy Richards is yet another brand known for its amazing range of kitchen appliances that offer an aesthetic look as well. 

The pop-up bread toaster range offered by it ensures an anti-skid feature that removes chances of random clippings from the countertops. Also, it’s easy to clean and maintain. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pop Up Bread Toaster

Before buying the best pop up toaster, it is very important to consider some of the necessary factors, which are stated below. 

  • Purchase  and warranty terms 

 Before coming to any decision one should review the return policies of the store as well as the warranty of the toaster.  This is the most important factor as it will help you to understand what to do if you face some problems while using the toaster after purchase.

  •  Budget assessment

Budget plays an important role while purchasing or coming to any decision for a buyer it is important to refer to their budget before buying the toaster. You should be aware of the fact that the pop up toaster price  differs from each other, so purchasing a toaster according to your budget will allow you to focus on the options within your financial means.

  • Size and capacity 

It is very important to measure the space available in your kitchen where you want to place the toaster. This step is very important as this will make sure that your  toaster fits well in your designated area without overcrowding your kitchen. You should also consider the number of slices you need to toast. 

  • Toasting functions 

When you are going to purchase a toaster it is very important to know the features of it. If you want to maximize the utility of your toaster then you should know your toasting requirements. Features such as Deforest that is used for toasting frozen items, reheating this feature warms up the earlier toasted item without  further browning, etc. 



Hence I  hope that after going through all this information you will be able to find a toaster for your kitchen. Purchasing the best pop up toaster is a very comprehensive task. It contains different factors that should be considered, each and every factor contributes to finding the appropriate appliance according to your specific needs and preferences. By carefully referring to your budget, space of the kitchen, etc you can make an informed choice.

Faq's Related to Best Pop up Toaster in India

Q1. How Long does a pop up toaster take?

Ans:Generally a toaster takes 1-5 minutes to toast bread.

Q2. Are expensive toasters better?

Ans: Yes, expensive toasters provide more features as compared to ordinary toasters

Q3. Is a pop up toaster better than an oven?

Ans:The answer is yes they are faster and more versatile than an oven.

Q4. How many watts is a good toaster?

Ans: A good usually ranges from 800 - 1000 watts.

Q5.Does a toaster consume more electricity?

Ans:No, toasters are energy efficient and do not consume much energy.
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