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7 Best Dry Iron For Clothes In India

Selecting a dry or steam iron is essential in starting a garment care expedition. This all-inclusive handbook explains why you should choose a dry iron and why not – guiding you through major aspects in selecting.


The choice between dry ironing and steam will be made before embarking on the garment care path. This guide explores the reasons why one should choose a dry iron as opposed to the other types in the market and the factors that make it easy to identify the most suitable option. Dry iron is known for its simplicity and they are perfect for delicate clothes that require a tender approach. 


Furthermore, they are easy to maintain. People should have an exploration into the realm of hassle-free pressing for garments which meet the requirements of their being and style.

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Why Choose Dry Iron Over Steam Iron?

Celebrated for its simplicity the dry irons become a preferred method in many areas. The best dry irons are preferable as they are more precise than steam irons and are very suitable for fabrics that need minimal care. 

The best iron press is reliable because of its simplicity of operation and easy maintenance and therefore, they are the most preferred sources of effective but hassle-free ironing.

The dry iron price is affordable in India but it completely depends on the quality of the product you are buying. Choosing a dry iron over a steam iron can be driven by practical considerations that align with specific garment care needs:

  • Precision for Delicate Fabrics:

They are a perfect choice for delicate fabrics because they enable accurate dryness level settings. Synthetic blends or silks can be sensitive to moisture hence the need for the dry iron so as to avoid the dangers of wetness.

  • Efficiency in Quick Touch-Ups:

Steam irons take a relatively longer time compared to dry irons. It provides this efficiency that helps in making quick touch-ups and last-minute ironing needs. This speedy heating permits fast clothes maintenance without the lull time involved by steam irons. This is the reason dry irons are considered the best cloth iron in India. 

  • Simplicity and Maintenance:

What makes dry irons stand out is that they are simple. They do not require water tanks or steam-related parts making them easy to operate and maintain. Simplicity can sometimes make sense especially when the user prefers to iron using simple techniques that do not have anything related to the technologies of steam.



Top Brands Selling The Best Dry Iron in India

  • Philips:

Philips is one of the best and most reliable cloth iron brands in India. Philips dry irons are highly advanced but easy to use. These popular irons are renowned for their durability ensuring hassle-free ironing. They are known for manufacturing the best electric irons in India.

  • Bajaj:

Bajaj’s dry irons are exemplary of innovation with regard to energy efficiency. They serve different ironing requirements with class and reliability to be a trusted brand for the best iron for clothes in India.

  • Usha:

Usha is again a reliable and trusted dry iron brand in India. Dry irons made by Usha are synonymous with accuracy, and style combined with substance. They are stylish with high-end specs and make great choices for picky users. Usha offers affordable cloth iron prices in India.

  • Morphy Richards:

Dry irons branded by Morphy Richards are renowned for ensuring innovation, durability and quality of household electronic appliances. The Morphy Dry Richards are known for their style and state-of-the-art technology, making them easy ironers. 

The best iron for clothes by Morphy Richards are designed with user convenience in mind allowing ironing for different fabric types for high precision and effectiveness of garment caring.

  • Havells:

This brand also produces the best iron for clothes. Dry irons from Havells have become famous due to their high effectiveness and reliability. 

With ergonomic design and the latest technology, Havells provides an uncomplicated ironing procedure. Havells is also known for producing Steam iron in India.

It’s no secret that Havells dry irons are made on the basis of committing to the best quality, which guarantees reliability in terms of a combination of functionality and durability.

The List Of The Best Iron For Clothes in India

Havells Plastic Dazzle 1100W

This best electric Iron in India offers modern capabilities and intuitive usability for dependable quality care of your clothes. Featuring a durable shock-proof plastic body it is safe for ironing. A flexible 360 ̊ swivel cord makes the machine highly movable and a non-stick coated sole plate with Greblon E2 grade German Technology guarantees smooth gliding of the device over fabrics. 

This dry iron in India is featured by an ergonomic temperature control dial which one uses with ease-grip and gives it a years’ warranty while serving different fabrics for long-term performance. Comes as a pack of one, dry iron, one beaker, and a guide to use and user maintenance.


  • Special Features: Temperature Control, Shock-proof
  • Included Components: Three units including one dry iron, one beaker and one manual.
  • Cord: Flexible 360˚ Swivel Cord
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Bajaj Majesty DX-11 1000W

The Bajaj Majesty DX 11 best garment iron comes with a distinct blue and white dual colour and is a tough machine aimed at efficient clothing care. This iron produces heavy-duty output with a whopping 1000 watts. This also comes with an American heritage coating to a non-stick sole plate that enables easy ironing on different materials at multiple temperatures. 

Manoeuvrability is enhanced while safety features such as the thermal fuse offer peace of mind through a 360-degree swivel cord. It’s small in dimension (22.5L x 11W cm), but its power is still huge. This best iron press comes with a 2-year warranty, thus assuring users of its durability and quality.


  • Special Features: Heavy, Temperature Control
  • Safety Features: Safety Plus Thermal Fuse
  • Comfort Features: 360-degree swivel Coil and multiple temperature levels.
  • Power Input: 230 V, Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Additional Features: In, Out & On Light, Auto Shutdown & Thermo Control, Lead length 5ft, power 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz.

USHA EI Armor 1100 W

This product for ironing is the lightweight Ar1100WB dry irons, offering the best prices. These easily get rid of the most persistent wrinkles while giving the garment a nice clean washed-like effect. 

The product has a lightweight construction that makes it very easy to manoeuvre it throughout the ironing operation. It features the central placement of the swivel cord that can be used by the individual in their right or left hand. The thermostat is a knob used in the adjustment of temperature while different fabrics like linen fabric and cotton fabrics, among others, can be washed at 30 degree-celsius. 

The indicator lamp provides clarity in the operation of the thermostat. This best electric Iron in India speaks volumes for a high standard of quality embodied in every single detail of design using top-grade materials and parts that ensure trouble-free operation till tomorrow. 

Additionally, the ISI mark on this best iron press emphasizes the level of safety and quality associated with the appliance, ensuring more confidence for users.


  • Weight: Lightweight design for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Cord: Adjustable centrally-placed swivel cord.
  • Durability: The latest innovations in design and excellent materials also guarantee durability.
  • Safety Assurance: SAFETY and QUALITY standards are expressed by ISI mark.

Philips Heavy weight

Philips dry iron

Philips’s reputation as the number 1 world ironing brand according to Euromonitor International, is supported by Philips’s GC181/80 Dry Iron. Having a thin black design, this best iron press has a heavy plate coated with a non-stick layer and can slide on anything smoothly. 

Additionally, a heavy soleplate serves as a means to promote the longevity of shoes while facilitating more efficient crease-elimination operations. It has more power rated at about 1000 watts and an inbuilt “iron temperature ready” light indicating when it is hot enough for use. With a 2-year warranty, the Philips GC181/80 is both reliable and powerful.


  • Product Dimensions: 23.7L x 1.2W Centimeters
  • Special Feature: Heavy
  • Soleplate: Black Non-Stick
  • Iron Temperature Ready Light: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Bajaj Dx-7 1000W

It is a dry iron having the best of both worlds; elegance on the outside and efficiency on the inside all packaged in a golden colour finish. Having in mind the same ease of use, this iron has a cool-touch body and comfortable handle for easy manoeuvring by users. 

This is because the non-stick-coated soleplate slides across the fabric easily, making the entire ironing process comfortable and efficient. It is lightweight and has an automatic 360-degree rotation swived cord for portability. It comes along with a thermal fuse whereby safety always comes first. This best iron press from Bajaj comes with a two-year warranty and is hassle-free ironing guaranteed.


  • Special Feature: Temperature Control
  • Soleplate: Non-Stick Coated (Golden Color)
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Additional Features: Body Cool Touch, handgrip comfortable, rotary cable 360°.
  • Safety Feature: Thermal Fuse

Orient Electric Fabrijoy 1000 Watt

The Orient Electric Fabrijoy Dry Iron is a versatile and user-friendly appliance designed to enhance your ironing experience. This is known as one of the best iron presses in India.  With a DuPont American Heritage non-stick sole plate coating, it ensures smooth operation, making it a prominent ent choice for dry ironing clothes. The silver-layered thermostat promotes even heating, contributing to efficient performance. 

This dry iron offers flexibility during usage with its 360-degree swivel cord featuring a cotton-braided thread for seamless ironing. Tailored for various fabric types, the adjustable temperature controllers enable precise heating regulation. 

The G-shaped element ensures uniform heating, resulting in a smooth and hassle-free ironing process. Safety is prioritised with features like a thermal fuse and high-temperature grade PBT insulator, preventing overheating and ensuring secure usage.


  • Special Feature: Temperature Control
  • Soleplate: DuPont American Heritage Non-Stick
  • Thermostat: Silver-Layered
  • Cord: 360-degree Swivel Cord with Cotton Braided Thread
  • Adjustable Temperature Controllers: Yes
  • Element: G-Shaped for Uniform Heating
  • Safety Features: Thermal Fuse, High-Temperature Grade PBT Insulator

USHA EI Goliath Heavy Weight 1200-Watt

The USHA 2000 W dry iron comes dressed in dazzling red and is a powerful player in personal laundry service. It has a strong 1200W power for fast heat and a hefty 1.8kg weight. The ironing experience is enhanced by a durable Dual Coating Weilberger Gold soleplate. The dry iron price of this product is affordable. 

At 1.8 m cord length, it increases the reach of users while the swivel cord of 360 degree and plastic-covered cover makes use friendly. This best dry iron in India has safety features such as overheating and is ready when the light indicator comes on. The iron’s commitment to quality and performance is underlined by the ISI mark and 2-year warranty.


Special Feature: Heavy
Soleplate: Dual Coating Weilberger Gold
Swivel Cord: 360 Degrees
Body Material: Fully Covered Convenient Plastic
Safety Features: Overheat Protection, Indicator Light
Certification: ISI Mark
Warranty: 2 Years


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Cloth Iron in India

Navigating the market for a dry iron involves considering various factors. Those are-

  • Heat Control:

Go for irons that have the adjustable temperature which can be used on different fabrics.

  • Soleplate Material:

Soleplate material influences heat redistribution and lifespan; this includes ceramic, stainless steel and non-stick coating.

  • Safety Features:

Ensure safety during usage by checking for functions like auto-shutoff and indicator lights.

  • Price of the Dry Iron

Before planning to buy the best dry iron for clothes, check the prices. The cloth iron price in India differs from brand to brand and quality. 


Dry irons are present in different brands but have an option for every person`s specific ironing need. These irons are efficient, versatile, and can take on the weighty performance of such brands as Philips, Orient Electric, and USHA, ultimately helping make your laundry routine better. Always check the cloth iron price in India before ordering one for you.

The best iron for clothes in india has its own benefits from the non-stick coatings to the adjustable temperature controls. Take into consideration what suits you, the material types as well as features desired and choose a suitable dry iron for you. 

Regardless of the brand of choice, with safety, performance, and quality guaranteed through the ISI marks and warrantee, ironing becomes reliable and satisfying. Happy ironing!


Faq's Related to Best Garment Iron in India

Q1. Which iron is best steam or dry?

Ans:Whether one chooses a steam or dry iron will depend entirely on individual needs. In case you often use delicate fabrics and prefer hassle-free ironing then you may choose a dry iron. However, a steam iron may be useful in dealing with some stubborn creases or providing more moisture for particular types of fabric. Consider the suitability of each ironing machine for your needs before making a purchase decision.

Q2. How do I choose the right wattage for a dry iron?

Ans:This is due to the fact that an ideal wattage is essential for effective ironing. The higher the wattage, the faster it heats up and the better its operation usually is. A medium-sized dry iron with watts ranging between 1200W and 1500W can be used as a usual household appliance. Nonetheless, for extensive ironing of heavy-duty, use larger watts for quicker and better outcomes.

Q3. What is the importance of a non-stick soleplate?

Ans:The non-stick soleplate should allow smooth gliding of the steamer on the cloth without snagging or sticking. It decreases friction and makes it easier to iron. A non-stick soleplate also makes it easy to clean and reduces fabric damage caused by too much heat or unequal distribution.

Q4.Can I adjust the temperature according to different fabrics?

Ans: Yes, it should have an attribute that allows for the adjustment of the temperature. The various kinds of fabrics demand different temperatures in a bid not to damage them. The best dry iron in India with adjustable temperature settings may be helpful in the case of different fabrics. This capability guarantees effective treatment of several types of substances.

Q5.How long should the cord length be for convenient ironing?

Ans:The cord length must be long enough to allow movement of the iron over any point on your ironing board without straining. An ideal cord length would not exceed about three to four meters ensuring that there is space for maneuverableness while ironing. It should be a sturdy and durable cable to cater for frequent use.

Q6.Is dry iron good for home use?

Ans: Yes, you can use it for daily household purposes. It will offer you efficient wrinkle removal and versatility for different fabrics.
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