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Best Kitchen Chimney in India For Smokeless Cooking

There is no denying the fact that a smart kitchen must include a kitchen chimney. It gives an attractive appearance and is simple to operate. To prevent cooking smells from spreading to the living area, kitchen chimneys are a popular solution for homes with modular kitchens.The best kitchen Chimney in India has an advantage over exhaust fans since they are mounted directly above the hob and can remove cooking odours and oil particles quickly.

Exhaust fans are situated distant from the hob and require some time to suck smoke out. The best kitchen chimneys in India are a must-have in homes with modular kitchens.

This is to prevent the odour of whatever you’re preparing from spreading into the living space, especially if the kitchen is open.

In this review blog, we will inform you about the best kitchen chimneys for Indian kitchens. Keep reading to know more about this!

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Have a Look at Best Chimney Brands in India

  • Elica Chimney: Ellica is a big name when it comes to the best kitchen chimney for Indian kitchen. With the Elica filterless kitchen chimney, you can add an attractive aesthetic to your kitchen interiors. It makes cooking easier by removing smoke and unpleasant odours that are harmful to your health.
  • Kitchen Chimney Whirlpool: Whirlpool kitchen chimney is an excellent addition to any kitchen decor. It is designed to satisfy your demands owing to the constant exposure to smoke and strong odours that are harmful to your health. Furthermore, it provides a powerful performance with the incorporation of smart technologies like touch functions, motion sensors, and more.
  • Faber Kitchen Chimney: Faber offers the best chimney for kitchen. By choosing the Faber brand, you may enjoy a filterless chimney. This helps to trigger the odours and smoke while also keeping the cooking area clean. With touch control, it allows for one-touch activation and makes your kitchen hood an easy and uncomplicated device to operate.
  • Glen Chinmey’s Kitchen: Glen kitchen chimney was created with the safety of your house in mind. It has been used by individuals all around the country, giving you the peace of mind that it is reliable.The Glen Chimney is a unique chimney cleaning solution that assures the entire removal of pollutants and ensures that your kitchen is completely free of smoke, soot, dirt, and other dangerous elements to maintain a clean living environment. Glen is also into manufacturing the best induction cooktop.

7 Best Kitchen Chimney in India

1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Autoclean Kitchen Chimney

Elica Filterless Autoclean Kitchen Chimney

The Elica is the best chimney for Indian kitchens, if you want a strong chimney that keeps your kitchen smoke-free and has a lifetime warranty. The Elica chimney keeps oil from accumulating and leaving spots on the kitchen walls. It contains a heat auto-cleaning technology that removes oil from the interior walls while decreasing your effort and using heat provided by a heating element.

This kitchen chimney comes with filter-less technology. It guarantees that the suction capacity is strong enough to efficiently pull in hazardous smoke and oily odours, keeping your kitchen smoke-free. This best chimney for kitchen has motion-detecting technology. It allows simple operation with a wave of your hand, making it easy to operate even when you have a full hand.


2. Faber 60 cm 1350 m³/hr Slant, Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

Faber Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

The Faber Kitchen Chimney is an excellent choice if you want a dependable kitchen chimney that will keep your kitchen smoke-free. With good reason, this best chimney brand in India is a global leader in kitchen equipment. Faber’s unique technologies and eye-catching aesthetics make its goods popular. It has no filters and auto-clean technology, making maintenance simple.

There are three kinds of faber kitchen chimneys: angular, wall-mounted, and filterless chamber. It has a modernistic look and is well-appreciated by people.


3. Hindware Smart Appliances Skyla Neo 60 Cm kitchen chimney

Hindware Smart Appliances Skyla kitchen chimney

Hindware manufactures the best kitchen chimney in India. The airflow capacity in the kitchen chimney is efficient due to the increased capacity of the blower. It also has a stainless steel baffle filter that removes greasy oil particles from smoke. This best chimney brand in India is well-known for its high-quality material Chimney, which is why most Indian clients trust it.

The price of kitchen chimney is not high and easily affordable.


4. Glen Auto Clean Glass Slim Filterless Kitchen Chimney

Glen Filterless Autoclean Kitchen Chimney

The Glen, one of the best chimney company in India is a unique chimney cleaning solution that assures the entire removal of pollutants and ensures that your kitchen is completely free of smoke, soot, dirt, and other dangerous elements to maintain a clean living environment.

Although it lacks the motion sensors of the Senza Filterless Auto clean chimney, it compensates for its longevity with an easy-to-clean Stainless steel baffle filter that lasts a lifetime.


5. Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Autoclean Kitchen Chimney

Faber Autoclean Kitchen Chimney

The Faber auto clean chimney features a self-cleaning mechanism that, when activated, performs an automated periodic cleaning.Smoke and undesirable odours are trapped under the hood by the Faber Auto clean chimney strap, not in your kitchen.

Faber chimneys are available in a variety of shapes, colours, and technologies to meet your needs, so you’ll have no problem selecting one that matches your aesthetic. It is great for bigger kitchens and individuals who like cooking and entertaining, as it has a robust 1500 m3/hr capacity. The price of kitchen chimney is also affordable. 


6. Hindware Smart Appliances Nadia

Hindware Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

This is one of the best chimney for kitchen for Indian cooking and frying because of its large suction capacity of 1500 cubic metres per hour. The airflow capacity in the kitchen chimney is efficient due to the increased capacity of the blower.


7. Glen 75 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Filterless Kitchen Chimney

Glen Auto-Clean Filterless Kitchen Chimney

Glen’s being the best chimney company in india that never fails to amuse us. Glen’s creative new goods and innovative designs have been important in revolutionising the Indian kitchen. No more clogged filters, no more frequent cleaning, and no more oil droplet hazards. Oil deposits in the blower and body melt and gather in the oil cup automatically when the Motor Housing heats up.


Some Important Benefits of Buying a Kitchen Chimney

You might be thinking why you should invest in buying the best kitchen chimney in india? You can just open the window and it will do the same work!! But below are some realistic reasons that why you should invest in kitchen chimney for your home.

  • A breath of fresh air

The main advantage of installing a best kitchen chimney is that it eliminates poisonous air from the kitchen and maintains it clean and refreshed at all times.

A chimney in the kitchen keeps the temperature and humidity stable by removing it from the cooking area.

Kitchen chimneys aid in the removal of smoke, fumes, and odours from the kitchen, hence improving air quality in the kitchen and adjacent areas.

  • Enhances the Aesthetics of the Kitchen

People nowadays spend a lot of money on the aesthetics of their homes, and if all you want is a style statement, nothing beats a chimney in the kitchen. Modern chimneys are available in a variety of styles and colours, and they appear both fashionable and quality. It improves the appearance of your kitchen several times over.

  • Smoking Cessation

Sometimes our kitchens are full of terrible odours, making it difficult to stand there, but if you have a kitchen chimney, it may help to lessen the unwanted odours.

The capacity of the kitchen chimney to decrease smoke and gases provides several advantages. It not only removes odors but also improves the general air quality in the kitchen.

  • Enhanced Kitchen Safety

The best Kitchen chimneys in India aid in fire prevention by eliminating the smoke and oil produced during cooking, which is a primary cause of kitchen fires.

  • Keep your kitchen wall safe.

Install a chimney to protect the beauty of your kitchen walls. It functions as a barrier, avoiding stains and damage to your walls from grease, smoke, and other cooking wastes. With the assistance of a reliable chimney, you can keep your kitchen clean and safe.

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What to Look for When Buying a Kitchen Chimney ?

When you decided you to buy kitchen chimney, below are things to keep in mind while buying kitchen chimney.

  • Size of the Chimney

When it comes to the chimney always check the size as it matters the most. The size of the chimney should be chosen after determining the design, layout and size of your kitchen area. To better smoke suction, the chimney proportion should be larger than the size of the Stove. For a compact kitchen, the best chimney for small kitchen must be chosen.

  • The strength of suction
After size of the chimney, the suction power is the most important factor to be considered. A chimney suction power must be around 400 m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr for Indian kitchens.

  • The level of noise

Chimneys may be rather noisy, especially if they have a strong suction motor. Make careful to select a chimney with a noise level appropriate for your kitchen.

  • The flow of air

The air flow, measured in cubic metres per hour, refers to the capacity of a kitchen chimney to replenish the air. The capacity of your kitchen must then be considered to calculate the minimum air flow that is appropriate.

  • Cost of kitchen chimney

When Planning to buy the best kitchen chimney in India, you must consider the cost. The Cost of kitchen chimney shall match with your budget.

It is also recommended to look for the best induction cooktop that will help in having a perfect kitchen for you.


We went into great detail about the finest chimneys for kitchens in India because we want our readers to make the best decision possible when purchasing the best kitchen chimneys in India.

The kitchen chimney proves to be an efficient device for eliminating gases and odours from preparing meals. Consider the kind of kitchen chimney, the suction mode, the airflow of the features or choices, and the sound level when selecting a model that meets your demands.

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