Difference Between 3 Star and 5 Star AC


It’s critical to know what kind of air conditioning system will fit your needs and budget if you intend to get one for your house.

These air conditioners vary in terms of durability, noise level, and energy usage based on their star ratings.

What is a Star Rating?

Most other nations have also embraced the star rating system, which was first used by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in 1992. It represents an air conditioner’s cooling capacity and serves as an indicator of energy efficiency. 

The better the cooling performance, the higher the star rating. The star rating system has a range of one to five stars. Compared to a typical three-star model, a five-star certified machine will operate better and use up to 40% less electricity.

Why 5-Star ACs are Costly Than 3-Star ACs

Compared to 3-star ACs, 5-star ACs are slightly more expensive. You should get a 3-star air conditioner if you’re seeking a reasonably priced unit that can effectively cool your house. While it will be less expensive, it will still cool the house or room quite effectively.  However,  if you compare 3star v 5star AC electricity bills, 5-star AC will save you more money on your electricity bill when compared to a 3-star AC. 

Their superior technology and higher-quality components account for a large portion of the price difference.

They have cutting-edge technologies like inverter compressors, variable speed fans, and others that enable them to function at their best even in high-temperature or low-voltage environments. 

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Difference Between 3Star and 5Star AC

Below is the difference between 3star and 5 Star AC:

Feature3-Star AC5-Star AC
Energy EfficiencyEnergy efficiency is Moderate in 3-star ACEnergy efficiency is High in 5-star AC.
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)3-star AC has Lower EER5-star AC has Higher EER
Annual Energy ConsumptionAnnual Energy Consumption Higher compared to 5-starAnnual Energy Consumption Lower compared to 3-star
Initial CostThe initial cost is Lower in 3-Star ACThe initial cost is Higher in 5-Star AC
Electricity Bill SavingsYou save Moderately in  3-Star AC.You save significantly in 5-star AC
Cooling PerformanceStandard cooling performanceEnhanced cooling performance
Noise LevelNoise level is slightly higher in3-star AC as compared to 5-starNoise level is generally lower in 5-star AC
Maintenance CostStandard maintenance costMay have higher maintenance costs due to advanced technology

The difference between a 3-star and a 5-star AC depends on your priorities, regarding initial cost, electricity bill savings, noise level, maintenance Cost and cooling performance.

Which AC is Better 3 star or 5 star

A 5-star AC consumes less electricity as compared to a 3-star AC which will result in savings on your electricity cost. It operates more silently and cools your room more quickly. 

A 5-star air conditioner contains more sophisticated features like smart networking and improved air filtering but you need to keep in mind that it has a higher initial cost but lasts longer than 3-star AC.

This makes it a superior option for individuals looking to lessen their influence on the environment and for long-term use.

Also, a 5-star AC delivers improved cooling performance Whether it’s the best window air conditioner in India or split air conditioner in India. 

Which is Better in Terms of  Power Consumption

When comparing 3-star vs 5-star ac power consumption a 5-star AC uses less energy than a 3-star AC. Lower electricity bills are the result of using less electricity.

On the other hand, to achieve the same cooling effect, a 3-star air conditioner uses more energy, resulting in higher electricity bills. Over time, the difference in 3-star vs. 5-star AC power consumption might have a big effect on your energy bills.

3 Star vs 5 Star AC Electricity Bill

A 5-star AC will save you more money on your electricity bill when compared to a 3-star AC. Because a 5-star air conditioner is made to be more energy-efficient, it requires less power to chill your space.

When compared to 3-star air conditioner, which uses more energy to provide the same cooling, this implies that your electricity cost will be reduced. Differences in electricity bills between 3 and 5 stars for AC units might add up to substantial savings.


To sum up, the difference between 3-star and 5-star rating AC is very crucial to understand while selecting the best AC in India.

5-star AC delivers improved cooling performance A 5-star air conditioner is more economical in the long run as compared to a 3-star AC.


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