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Split AC vs Window AC – Which One To Choose

India is a tropical country, so its summers can get very hot. In some parts of the country, temperatures can hit 50 degrees. Because of this, many people think about buying an air conditioner every year to cool off. 

But you may be torn between Split AC vs window AC.Window AC is the easiest kind of air conditioner. There is only one box that has all the parts and pieces inside. The name comes from the fact that you usually have to place the AC on a window. You need to plug it into a regular wall source for it to work. 

Most of us like split air conditioners because they look better in modern homes and use less energy, but many people are still sure that window air conditioners are the best. As a result, what should someone think about when comparing a splitair conditioner vs window air conditioner? This blog post will help you buy the right type of AC based on a few things so that you can get the most out of it. 

Understanding The Split Air Conditioner Vs Window Air Conditioner

  • Window AC 

These hang on the wall and work well in a small room with a window. They’re pretty cheap, and they don’t cost much to keep up. Most of the time, they come in a single unit, and one face goes inside the window and the other goes outside. 

  • Split AC 

There are also split air conditioners that are mounted on the wall. These are usually used in big rooms because they can cool them down quite well. They come with a condenser and a fan and don’t need windows to be installed. One unit is outside, and the other is inside. The condenser is in the indoor unit and cools the room. 

Difference Between Split Ac And Window Ac

Once we have a general idea of the changes, let’s look difference between split AC and window AC and find out which AC is better: the window or the split. 

  • Energy Consumption

Many people today think about how much power each option uses and how it affects the environment before choosing window AC vs split AC energy consumption. The AC’s start grade will tell you this. The better your AC works, the higher the grade. 

Window AC: Many window ACs still use chemicals that are very bad for the environment, like R22 refrigerants. Because of this, it’s not a good choice for many customers. 

Split AC: All AC units that are split use R32 refrigerants, which are pretty good at lowering your carbon footprint. They can also get heat out of the ground more easily, which makes it a better choice for protecting the environment generally.

split ac

  • Power Consumption 

The start grade has a lot to do with how much power is consumed in terms of power consumption split vs window ac. The better your AC works, the higher the start grade. It will take about 10% less energy to run a 5-star AC than a 4-star AC. With an extra star, there is a 10% change in how much energy is used. ‘

That being said, a 3-star 1.5-ton window AC is the best pick for a small room and normal use. If you need an AC for a bigger room that will be used 15 hours a day, though, you should get a 5-star split AC to save more energy. 

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  • Application

Some basic changes between window AC and split AC make each one better for different uses. 

Window AC: Because it’s movable, this unit is good for people who move around a lot, like people who rent. If you want an AC for a small room, this is a better choice. 

Split AC: These air conditioners work best in large rooms like offices, meeting rooms, and bedrooms that are too big for one person. If you want an air conditioner that fits in with the look of the room, its slim form and low noise level can also be important. 

  • Design 

The split air conditioner is more elegant than the window air conditioner because it forces you to use colors and space in a certain way.

On the other hand, the easy design of a window air conditioner makes it easier to move around than a split air conditioner, which needs to be charged every time it is taken apart, moved, and put back together. 

  • Cost of the AC

A window air conditioner costs 10 to 20 percent less than a split air conditioner because you only have to put two units inside and one outside. Fresh air can come in through the window AC vent and mix with the cool air from the AC. This keeps the carbon dioxide level in the room below 700 parts per million. Since there isn’t 100% fresh air in the split, the carbon dioxide amount in the room may go up. 

  • Noise

This is the main difference between window AC and split AC: noise. 

With window AC, the compressor is in a single case inside the room, close to the person using it. When it starts to work, it makes a lot of noise. This might be a bother for some people in the room. 

Split AC: The noise from the fan won’t bother people in the room because it’s outside the AC unit. So, a split air conditioner might be a better choice if you need an air conditioner for your office or a modern home. 


Split AC or window AC, which is better? Both types are using newer technologies to get ahead in the fight. But as a buyer, you need to pick an air conditioner that works for you and doesn’t break the bank. For instance, it might not be necessary to buy a three-ton split AC for a one-bedroom apartment. So, read what we have discussed above to know the difference between split AC and window AC. Find the features that are most important to you. 


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